Tempted with Covetousness:


So hey, I’m 15 and there’s this chick I barely know but I have a crush on her. I know she has a boyfriend and I’m jealous of him. I don’t want to feel this way. Please give me advice. I’m not even allowed to date.

Avoiding Lust: Ugh

Covetousness is usually used for money and materials. I wouldn’t entertain such feelings, and try to find something else to do.


First of all PLEASE refer to her as a young lady. Makes a BIG difference.


This can be hard. I wouldn’t recommend burying it too deep though: it’ll keep resurfacing later. Allow yourself to think about her from time to time, as long as it’s not lust. At the same time, accept she’s out of bounds. And pray, pray and pray to God that you may be freed from unwanted feelings, if they keep resurfacing and become burdensome. Who knows, she may yet become available!


Jesus says “I tell you solemly, anyone who looks at another woman lustfully has committed adultery” this is a hard teaching but a valuable one that took many years and many failings of mine to understand that it is for the greater good and for internal peace.


Do not refer to young ladies as “chicks”.

You are not allowed to date, begin to pray for this young lady and for her boyfriend. Pray that they grow in virtue and grow closer to Jesus.


Ok thanks.


I agree. Looking into the depths of my heart we’ve only talked twice and texted twice and one was negative and the rest were neutral. This is all about her looks and I’m very disappointed in myself; I’m not usually this shallow. She’s got enough people who think she’s pretty. I went through her Instagram posts (not stalking her, She has a private account and follows me) and 80% of the hundreds of comments on her posts are “you are pretty/beautiful/gorgeous/cute/adorable/etc.” I need to grow up and stop being so shallow


Don’t beat yourself up, I have and still go through temptation, pray and listen to Jesus and you will feel better. Asking our Lady will always help honestly


Pray and get busy with other school-related activities. Time is the best healer. The crush will pass and you will look back and think ‘how did I even feel that way? that’s not me’.


Classic Johnny Bravo!


Dude, you guys are in high school. Her relationship likely won’t last a year and you’ll be able to make a move.


I know right. But that probably will happen to him too.


Let me be blunt:

Somebody will always have a better (wife/girlfriend) than you will. Somebody will always have more money, a bigger house, a “better” car, etc., than you will. Accept that and move on.


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