Tempting eyes and Muslim men !!!

“19th November 2011:
The ultra-conservative Islamic state has said it has the right to stop women revealing ‘tempting’ eyes in public.
A spokesperson for Saudi Arabia’s Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, Sheikh Motlab al Nabet, said a proposal to enshrine the measure in law has been tabled.”

:dts:If the faith cannot control our lust then what !!!, why Muslim men cannot control themselves !!!, why it’s always the woman fault !!!, we want woman to be cover totally in black…

From this:

To this:

Great. Now they want the Female tusken raiders look. :wink:


Sam is right ~ it is our faith that controls our lust.

I went to a Muslim country recently and I tell you, all women were beautiful: with full burka (?), with tempting eyes, with half a burka and with western clothes.

Women … are always simply women…

I went to a Muslim country recently and I tell you, all women were beaitucy

Maybe they should just divide the country in half and have the women live on one side and the men on the other.

Not to be confrontational but does your faith require you to adhere to Muslim dress codes if you are a female?

There’s already a thread about this here - forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=617221

Ditto, I was thinking the same thing. Sam will probly find the womens comments their interesting as most of us have. Funny, but sad also when you think about the “Me Tarzan, You Jane” mentality


Some of my Muslim colleagues choose to wear a scarf (hijab) at all times as they feel it sets them free; some wear a hijab because their husband “requires” it; some wear the hijab because they feel that they need to because of their perceived position in society; some don’t wear any sort of head covering. (Note, our school does not allow the wearing of an abaya by staff, those who need to wear one to travel to and from work take them off once they’re at school, revealing the pretty clothes underneath.) Also, I’m not in Saudi Arabia, where things are a little different.


Male (or also female) lust is surely an aspect of it, though I think overally it rather has to do with “evil eye”, an aspect of which probably is lust+burnout, but also e.g. envy. Something which has more various aspects than what mentioned in this short comment.

Besides that, such dress issues should be up to women really, and from a physical medical point of view, I don’t think keeping eyes in dark for most or all day is healthy for such eyes.

In the Bible, Genesis 38:14 spoke of Tamar…approaching a woman with a veiled face, thinking she was a prostitute…implying in ancient times, prostitutes wore veils over their faces.

My daughter’s friend is Jordanian Muslim and she is very beautiful.

I read after 9/11…when alot was being studied about Islam, is that in prior times, the most beautiful women were taken by Muslim men during their conquests of peoples.

Their treatment of women aside, I think its actually more offensive to their men. To be so worked up over the eyes of a woman? Have they no self control?

But I was in Dubai recently and I was quite impressed by the level of modesty displayed by some of the women.

Though, it was funny when i saw a woman in a full length burka having an argument in a mall with her husband, and in english yelled at him “I saw you checking out her bottom…” And that guy, looked very, very scared!

Quote of day from that thread:

“I’ve never understood why the obvious answer isn’t for men to be blindfolded outside the house and led around by their mothers.”


Both women in the OP are adhering to the Islamic dress code, but the point is that in Islam it’s always the woman who is bearing the consequences!, what about if the man has sexy eyes! what the cleric would say to him, simply nothing, he would tell the women not to look at him, so it’s always the woman fault…

I did once see a woman in a burqa with her eyes heavily made up. I thought it was a little bit funny.

Yes, it is always the woman’s fault in Islam…and yet the men are allowed numerous wives.

big disconnect.

What galls me is not the veil so much…although a woman came into the store where she had only slits in her veil across her eyes…and really…these women look scary!..are they also doing something to their husbands to keep them away?..

But I notice the women are forced to wear this oppressive black in the sun while the men wear white…it looks like human bondage.

And a Muslim woman who immigrated here, and is normal looking, told me the ones who impose these kinds of clothing on our people and frighten us, are political. So from this angle, I don’t see it really as religious but threatening.

Within the Catholic monastic tradition there is the habit of “custody of the eyes”, which recognises that gawping at women is bad manners, and can lead to temptation.

However, the emphasise is on the looker taking responsibility for avoiding their own temptation, rather than blame the temptress for being look at able!

Then they better not come here, God forbid if they see a Victoria Secret catalog!!:rotfl:

I agree. Funny how the women is the blame for everything, but yet the husband can commit adultery and thats okay!:shrug:

I always think when they wear the veil are they gonna hold the place up or something:eek:

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