tempting God

Does a properly formed conscious by grace help us to ascertain whether or not we are tempting God? I seek for God everywhere and in everything and that’s where I find him. So many catholic are seeking and using the CCC too it seems to me to ascertain problems. Seek for all the bad that can possibly be out there and in faith by grace I only find God. God and noise. Philipians I believe tells us to seek and look for the good in things. and virtue.

Just a thought :slight_smile:

I am not sure if I understand you. I think you are saying the way you seek God is positive, looking for God and seeing the good everywhere. So far, so good. Then I think you are saying many Catholics use the CCC in a negative way, find problems and seeking the bad. The CCC has lots of positive guidance and wisdom. Do you mean that some Catholics focus on the “thou shalt nots” and overlook the “blessed are theys,” so to speak? Also please explain “tempting God.” I do not make the connection between that and what else you wrote.

God bless you.

The problem of evil. God works through a white glove and a black glove. (Not church doctrine I know) It is written “All that has been called evil has only been called evil to conceal its holiness.” Yes the CCC says do nots and that might be good instruction but what I’m trying to say is if we step out on faith, God is not going to let anything happen to us bad. There’s too much fear out there I have seen in posts. And in catholics. God can give you up to negativity in order for us to come round. Maybe I mean “testing” God. IS tempting and testing the same thing?


…“noise…noise noise” once said by Sir Noise

ps…If you’ve found a clear spot to hear God’s voice…how blessed you are!

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