Ten commandments - Is this a theft? Is theft always mortal?

Please give some advice on if this act I have done is a theft and if it is, it would be a mortal sin.
Please have in mind that I am suffering from what might be scrupulosity.

This was the occasion.
I am staying at a guesthouse where they give you free breakfast if you want.(self-served toast bread, eggs, coffee and others)
I thought I should forgo their breakfast eat my own bagel for breakfast, which is perfectly allowed. But I also thought I might use one of the breakfast eggs to make a bagel sandwich out of another bagel I have for to-go lunch, since the egg could have been mine if I chose to and I didn’t consume any of their resources that morning.
Then I thought using the egg for to-go lunch can be not right because it’s intended for breakfast time. (It was breakfast time that I made the sandwich but the sandwich was for lunch.)
I thought this was not a serious matter. But when I saw already cooked egg, I thought this might not be right. And I thought of disposing of the cooked egg, but I didn’t want to make food waste and I thought nobody would really want the egg I made.(I could have asked… but…)
After making the sandwich, I just ate the sandwich prematurely because I thought I should eat them during the breakfast time.

Do you think this is a theft? If it is, do you think this kind of theft constitutes a mortal sin? Do I have to confess? I am trying to make my trip to confessional less than once a week to treat the scrupulosity I might have. Do you think I should give the egg back or abstain from eating egg tomorrow?

Shows every sign of scrupulosity in worrying about detail and seeing sin everywhere.
The breakfast food is paid for in your lodging, therefore you can take it and consume it anytime you want. It does not have breakfast typed on the egg? It is perfectly legitimate to eat what you have already paid for. Scruples is a hard problem to get over easily and needs advice from a kind priest, patience and increasing self understanding on your part.
Remembering that ours is a loving and forgiving God should become part of your assessment of sin including intent, full knowledge and serious matter. God bless you in your obvious love for Him.

Mortal sins require three things to be mortal and not venial: Full knowledge, consent, and a grave matter.

You consented to the food, you don’t know if it is a sin because you are asking us so not mortal. The third, is it grave?

Well an egg costs like 10cents so no. Also you said it was already cooked, this mean that they probably will throw it out that day. So it would be borderline wasteful to not use that egg.

Hope this helps.

I can see where you might question the morality of this: What if everyone decided to take tons of breakfast food and use it for lunch? But when you realize that breakfast food is finite, and they are probably not going to make any more for anyone just because they want seconds for lunch, then you see that what you see is what you get and you have a right to it and to do what you wish with it, within moral reason, which includes having it for lunch!

Also, consider that if they did make extra for people who wanted second helpings for lunch, it would be with full consent and thus not wrong! If there was any doubt of the intention, you could just ask. Also, letting food go to waste serves no purpose or person, in this case.

Thanks for your thoughts and kind words.

I don’t think it’s mortal because of lack of gravity(egg being cheap and also because it was my first egg not second) and especially because of insufficient knowledge if it’s grave/mortal part at the time.

My reason was like SecretCatholic said, what if everyone starts to use the breakfast resources for lunches? They would have to buy more, which will cost them more. I thought it was not the most moral use of those resources on my part.

I am having hard time distinguishing a sin and a not-so-ideal act. I do want to not only not offend Him but also want to please Him.

May God bless you all.

It is important for a person with scruples to have a “regular confessor” to know them in the confessional and their difficulty and can direct them and even give them some general principles to follow according to their scruples.

*(and scruples can be transient - so hopefully and scruple can be nipped in the bud)

As to “is theft always mortal”? - No there is parvity of matter (smallness of matter) in theft. Venial matter for venial sin.

(In noting this I am not saying the eggs was theft here though).

(PS: I would not be saving eggs for lunch for other reasons -for they would be outside refrigeration and one does not want to do that - due to risk of heath. Instead a bagel and peanut butter would be ok to save.)

As others have noted there is no sin here as you had every right to that egg, and it is no one’s business when you happen to consume the egg that was rightfully yours at breakfast. That being said, even if you HAD stolen an egg, it would not constitute grave matter…unless you deliberately stole the one and only egg of a nearly starving old lady who needed that one egg to get through the day. Typically speaking, theft of an egg wouldn’t even be noticed by the “victim” and thus would be venial matter at most.

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