Ten Commandments Not Ten Suggestions

There has been too much confusion for Both Catholic and Protestants who do not practice their faith. I had a discussion from caferia Catholics who do not think going to Mass is necessary. I also had a talk with a Protestant (Baptist) that going to Service is not a big deal and says the Church is that the home (she was taught that way).

The last time I check the Ten Commandments are Commandments. Not suggestions. I don’t care if you are Catholic or Protestant and if you LOVE Jesus, You MUST OBEY All his Commandments. That include attending service in the Mass for Catholic Christians, and Sunday Service for Protestant Christians.


Many would claim that the 3rd commandment (keep the Sabbath day holy) doesn’t actualy demand that one goes to a service, but simply demands that it is kept as a day of rest (not doing manual labor etc). The CCC explains otherwise, but Protestants don’t use that book.

Yes but many Protestant have kept the Catholic Tradition to worship on Sunday. IF they revere the Bible that much they ought to obey. Otherwise where is their obedience of faith if they do not go to Church on Sundays. If they do not they are guilty of sin by breaking the 3rd Commandment.

Which is a crock - not doing manual labour isn’t an act of holiness. I mean for many of us Saturday is equally a day when we don’t work, often not even manual labour, so what differentiates Sunday?

Now I’d be the last person to say that Attending Sunday Services isn’t important, but I occasionally(maybe 4 or 5 times a year) miss Sunday Services. As someone said… us protestants don’t follow the ccc (also for clarification, for us, it’s the 4th commandment). The commandment doesn’t say "Thou shalt attend a formal service on the Sunday of every week."
It does say to remember it and keep it holy.

So how does one remember it and keep it Holy? Sure attending a formal service is one way to do this. But it is pretty clear it means to rest as God rested on the 7th day of creating the world. So we remember by resting… we Keep it Holy by ensuring that our focus is on God first, forsaking the things of the world we must live in. “the Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath” (Mark 2:27). It’s not about imposing a restriction on us about what we must or must not do but instead it’s a gift from God… and offering of a day to cease our working and hurrying and offers us a chance to stop and spend time in the presence of God.

So, can I observe the Sabbath without going to a church? Yes, I can do that. Can I go to Church and still fail to observe the Sabbath? Yup that is possible too. God isn’t nearly as concerned about where I am physically as He is about where I am spiritually.

Very well said.:thumbsup:

the commandment actually does not say, attend services on Sunday, it says keep the Lord’s Day holy. for Jews that meant primarily the Sabbath observance at home. When the Church declared Sunday as the day we commemorate the resurrection, our obligation transferred to Sunday, but it covers much more than Mass attendance, it also covers abstaining from servile work, and as much as possible making a true sabbath, a day of rest. Many protestants are quite strict about what constitutes appropriate sabbath activities, and do a much better job observing it than do many Catholics. If their denomination does not require participation in Sunday worship, they are not sinning by not attending, although they are foregoing a beautiful opportunity.

Well done at rationalizing what it is that you want to do.

amen to that. And we are so fortunate that we have the greatest prayer and the highest form of worship… the very Mass given to us by Jesus Himself.


The problem with this is that it only takes bits and pieces of attending Sunday Worship. Anyone can go with an excuse I don’t need to go to Church. The Church is in me. You said, you go to Church and sometimes could not go. Worship is a priority regardless what faith tradition you are from.

It is very important to have a day rest with Christ. Where else can you rest with Him than at the Church where His Body and Blood is truly present. Of course, you might say He’s God and He is everywhere; however, I wouldn’t consider my house to be holier than the House of God.

The Church is the place unless you don’t believe in the Eucharist.

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