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can someone help i am a baptist who for 23yrs has been married to a cathlic the other night at wed night bible study my pastor said that because of the information that he found at www.cathlic.com quick search ten commandments/ artical "the real ten commandments"
in which the author leaves out deut 5:8 thou shalt not make any graven images. That the cathlics worship idols. Now I know that this is not true but i need some way to explane what he readto him. can someone please tell me why this versa is left out of what my wife says she was taught to be the ten commandments

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I am a Catholic who uses the Douay - Rheims Bible which was an English translation from thge Original Latin Vulgate. The Vulgate came from the old Greek ( original) Bible. It has TEN Commandments . By the way, most will say the Douay- Rheims as a “Catholic” Bible.

I also have a King James Version of the Bible - notice it said “version” because King James left out what he didnt like ( 7 books ) and changed 57 verses in the O.T. and over 90 verses in the New Testament. Your Bible is not like the Catholic Bible. Yours has been changed and Books have been deleted. So why expect the Baptists not to have changed? They have changed the Bible.

In the Protestant’s incomplete Bible , the King James Version, if you read that chapter you offered, Deut, chapter five YOU WILL FIND 21 Commandments NOT 10.

You can say that the Protestants have at least common VERSIONS of the so-called 10 Commandments. Ask your preacher to tell you which Protestant Version of the Ten Commandments he is using. Since Martin Luther many different versions have been written.

Moses gave us Ten Commandments NOT twenty one.

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The 10 commandments are divided differently in different Bible translations. (Remember that the chapter/verse system in all Bibles–Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, & Jewish–is artificial, but useful). The result is that the way children memorize them may be somewhat different. The meaning of them is the same.
The references given here are good explanations of this. You might also check with Jewish sites for their take on the 10 which they memorize.
But the point is that the commandments all mean the same things! I would suggest reading them in several versions before you speak to your pastor, so that you can see this for yourself. (If it helps, you can tell him you got some of your info from a Methodist…me!!)
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The total lack of proof and the rush to a false conclusion by your preacher should be all the proof you need to get out of that church. The Bible warns us about false preachers and the lies your preacher seems to have spewed out should make it plain that you should find the true Church Christ founded, His body, His Catholic Church. One that does not preach lies. One that does not have to belittle other religions to make ones own religion seem better then it is.

Try this link too:


I used to go to Baptist churches for a very long time and in several states. Their theological opinions often could not stand up to the test of Scripture and this led me home to Rome. Study the faults and lies in Baptist opinions and then get out. See our other threads on Baptisits on this forum. They will explain much to you.

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