Ten Hail Marys and then?


I’ve been praying the rosary lately (which would make most of my extended family have a stroke), but I’ve run into trouble. I learned how to pray the rosary from a book of Catholic prayers, supposedly signed off on by a bishop.

In that version, you start off in the normal way (Cross-Creed, Our Father, 3X Hail Mary, Glory Be) and proceed through the decades and the mysteries. When you’re finished with the decades, you say the “Oh God, whose only begotten Son…” prayer.

Then I found out that there’s the Hail, Holy Queen at the end, thanks to the folks at Holy Cross Ministries and their rosary bead giveaway program. Everywhere except my little book of Catholic prayers from Bookland includes it.

Then I found out about the Fatima prayer at the end of the decade, thanks to internet reading.

So, ummmm…which rosary do YOU pray? Sell me your rosary.


Hi, There’s really no rules but I think ending with the Hail Holy Queen prayer is the most common form. :slight_smile:


After the Glory Be, I usually say the Fatima Prayer-- Oh my Jesus…
Then Sacrament Most Holy, Sacrament Divine all honor and thanksgiving be every moment thine, followed by Jesus, Mary and Joseph, We Love You, Save Souls.

I know some add the Hail Holy Queen before decades, but i save it till the end.

I had other rosary links, but try this for help. rosaryarmy.com/?page_id=50


Franciscan Crown aka Seraphic Rosary. No preliminary prayers, just 7 OFs and 70 HMs. 2 more HMs to bring the number up to 72, as a pious tradition holds that Mary lived 72 years. One last OF and HM for the Pope to gain the indulgences, and this is a richly indulgenced rosary indeed. No other prayers, in keeping with Franciscan simplicity.


After each decade and the “Glory be to…” I add the Fatima Prayer, then after praying all decades (and the Glory be’s and Fatima prayer) I say the “Hail Holy Queen…”. The “Oh God, whose only begotten Son…” I often don’t say when I’m by myself, however so many other people say that prayer after the “Hail Holy Queen…”, even Mother Angelica’s nuns, that I say it usually in a group.


The version I pray during my commute via iPod is the longest I’ve ever come across.

Each decade consists of:
Our Father
10 Hail Marys
Glory Be
Fatima Prayer
"Come, Holy Spirit, Come by means of the powerful intersession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary"

The five mysteries are followed by the Hail, Holy Queen and then "Oh, God, whose only begotten son . . . "

No Franciscan simplicity on the iPod . . .


Normally my rosary is prayed as thus:

1 - Sign of the Cross
2 - Apostle’s Creed
3 - Our Father, Hail Mary (3x), Fatima Prayer, Glory Be, Our Father
4 - Hail Mary (10x), Fatima Prayer, Glory Be, Our Father
5 - Repeat # 4 until Rosary is completed
6 - Hail, Holy Queen

I’m beginning to want to try praying different prayers with my Rosary…

Not to get off topic… but can you pray Chaplets just by using your Rosary instead of buying a specific Chaplet?




Absitively posolutely! The Divine Mercy Chaplet is one that is designed to be pray-able on Rosary beads.

There are some others (but not all are so designed) - catholicdoors.com/prayers/chaplets.htm has an excellent selection - take a look through the titles, see if there are any which strike you.


Thanks so much!

I actually enjoy praying the Divine Mercy along with the EWTN CD that has the Divine Mercy in Song. I really should be using that devotion more than I am which I shouldn’t have quit doing in the first place.


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