Ten Most Beneficial Books of the 19th & 20th Century

I don’t know that I would necessarily include Darwin’s “The Origin of Species” inasmuch as it propounded and explored a scientific theory which the Church has neither supported nor opposed. His Descent of Man, on the other hand…

Perhaps a more interesting corollary survey would be the Ten Best Books of the 19th & 20th Century.

My nominees, though not in any particular order:

Orthodoxy - GK Chesterton
The Everlasting Man - GK Chesterton
The Lord of the Rings (the entire trilogy as one since they make little to no sense alone)
Mere Christianity - CS Lewis
The Theology of the Body - JP the Great
The Sound and the Fury - William Faulkner
War and Peace - Leo Tolstoy
Invisible Man - Ralph Ellison
Ulysses - James Joyce
Great Expectations - Charles Dickens

I actually had to change the name of the list from “beneficial” to “best” since I don’t know whether several of these would qualify as beneficial, good as I may regard them.

**“Most Beneficial” books? Now you’re talking!!!
The Imitation of Christ by Thomas A. Kempis
Introduction to the Devout Life by St.Francis de Sales
The Secret of the Rosary by St.Louis Marie de Montfort
Crossing the Threshold of Hope and
Theology of the Body
by JPll the Great
**Divine Mercy in My Soul **(the Diary of Saint Faustina)
The Story of a Soul (the autobiography of Saint Therese of Lisieux)
God Alone (on the life and writings of Saint Louis Marie de Montfort)
The Day the Sun Danced (the story of the apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima)
The Song of Bernadette (the story of the apparitions of Our Lady of Lourdes)
Anything and everything by “Papa Ratzi”, our German Shepherd:)

…and I** purposefully** changed the name back to the most beneficial for my list (for*** obvious ***reasons) :gopray2::byzsoc::highprayer::getholy:

you guys forgot the very best, the Bible!

Actually, Josh, someone listed the* Holy Bible*:bible1: way back at the beginning, before we hijacked the thread to “the most Beneficial”…but I’ll let you find that post to get their reasoning. :shrug:
Otherwise, you are most certainly correct in saying that the** Bible TOPS THE LIST of the “GREATEST BOOKS IN HUMAN HISTORY”**!!

Let’s start by chucking anything written by Faulkner. Barf-a-rama. Sorry Willie, but high school english teachers train for years to destroy literature.

In no particular order: (I am only including books I have actually read)

Mere Christianity: C.S. Lewis
Lord of the Rings: J.R.R. Tolkien
Introduction to Christianity: Josef Cardinal Ratzinger
Theology for Beginners: Francis J. Sheed
The Compleat Enchanter: Lyon Sprague de Camp and Fletcher Pratt
Ring World: Larry Niven
Lucifer’s Hammer: Niven and Pournelle (affected space related defense for over 40 years)
Theory and Practice of Hell: Eugene Kogon
Why I am not a Muslim: Ibn Warraq (The best look at Mahomet and the history of Islam available)
History of Christianity: Kenneth Latourette (Though I am also partial to Bokencotter’s Concise History of the Catholic Church)

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