Ten Year-Old Boy Receives New Trachea from his Own Stem Cells


LONDON, March 23, 2010 (LifeSiteNews.com) – A ten-year-old British boy has become the first child to be given a new windpipe, which will grow inside his body, created from his own stem cells. The breakthrough surgery was conducted at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in London on Monday, and doctors hope that it represents the next step forward in transplantation technology.

Stem cells taken from the boy’s bone marrow were injected into a fibrous collagen “scaffold” created from a donor trachea. Only hours after the boy’s cells were mixed with a growth medium and applied to the scaffold, the trachea was stripped of the donor cells and implanted surgically into the boy.

That is incredible!

My mother worked for a few years in a stem cell transplant clinic at Northwestern University Hospital. She worked only with the patients’ own stem cells - or cells taken from a living relative donor who was a close match. The patients there were usually considered terminal or to have a terminal cancer, so the therapy was considered experimental as well as last-ditch, but it did save a few lives that otherwise would have been lost.

I asked her about fetal stem cells, she said that experimentally these had very little success compared with the patient’s own stem cells. She was very opposed to fetal stem cells on an ethical level as well, but also on a biological one.

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