Ten years after Michigan's concealed weapons law, unclear why many in the state were gun shy

Ten years after [Michigan’s] concealed weapons law, unclear why many in the stat were gun shy.

After all that opposition, turns out there was no orgy of gun-crazed massacres.

Police are shocked.



10 years after concealed weapons law, unclear why many in state were gun-shy
1:39 AM, Jul. 31, 2011 | 187 Comments

Ten years after Michigan made it much easier for its citizens to get a license to carry a concealed gun, predictions of widespread lawless behavior and bloodshed have failed to materialize.

Today, nearly 276,000 – or about four out of every 100 eligible adult Michiganders – are licensed.

That’s more than twice the number predicted when the debate raged over whether Michigan should join the growing ranks of so-called “shall issue” states.

Before July 1, 2001, applicants had to prove why they needed to carry a gun for protection. Since then, any nominally sane adult without a felony record qualifies.

During the debate, opponents of the change warned of gun-toting, trigger-happy citizens loose on the streets.

But violent crimes have been rare among carrying a concealed weapon license holders. Only 2% of license holders have been sanctioned for any kind of misbehavior, State Police records show.

Still, anti-gun activists say changing the law was a grave mistake. The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence Web site describes state reforms like the one enacted in Michigan as “a recipe for disaster.”

Michigan’s prosecuting attorneys association led the push against changing the law in 2001. Today, Ionia County Prosecutor Ronald Schafer, president of the group, says it’s hard to remember what the fuss was about.

"I think you can look back and say, ‘It was a big nothing.’ "

Concealed weapons haven’t changed state much, both sides of debate say
It was only 10 years ago. But it seems more like another lifetime, when one of the biggest issues facing Michigan’s politicians and the public was whether to make it easier for ordinary citizens to obtain permits to carry concealed weapons.

At the time, advocates and opponents raged, hurling arguments about bedrock constitutional freedoms and Columbine massacres on every corner.

The reformers – who wanted Michigan to join the growing number of states where carrying a concealed gun is the right of any nominally sane adult without a felony record – sneaked the legislation through in a lame duck session (and managed to immunize it from potential referendum). They predicted it would usher in a new era of civility as criminals came to realize they weren’t the only ones on the street packing heat.

More proof that gun control is all about control and very little to do with guns.

So the leftist loons were proven wrong by statistics: Few to no licensed gun carriers have been charged with crimes. Good reporting so far

But what of the NRA-type claims that arming the populace will make criminals think twice and lead to a reduction in crime? How has Michigan fared compared to, say, Illinois (which has much more red tape and restrictions for gun owners) in gun violence rates in that period?

Good reporting ought to look at the claims of both sides.

Actually its the FBI that reports that criminals fear armed citizens.


FBI: Michigan’s crime rate down 10.5% with CCW law


Michigan Sees Fewer Gun Deaths – With More Permits **
by Dawson Bell
**As published in the Detroit Free Press **

Six years after new rules made it much easier to get a license to carry concealed weapons, the number of Michiganders legally packing heat has increased more than six-fold.

So far, so good. But crime trends are complex things that often have more to do with demographic and economic changes than gun law changes.

You seem good with the search engine, better than me. Can you find data that compares how Michigan’s gun crime rates trended versus those in Illinois during the same time period? IL has taken the exact opposite approach as MI as Chicago during that time period all but banned new handgun purchases and did nearly everything legislatively possible to dissuade people from handgun ownership.

I’d be curious to see some hard data outcome comparisons.

Actually the FBI provide hard data on why crime rates increase or decline; it only reports the rates. Personally, I wouldn’t rely on such a biased source as the Buckeye Firearms Association. Whynot go straight to the FBI?

Here are the crime figures by State for 2001. The FBI records a crime index rate of 4,081.5 crimes per 100,000 people.

Here are the crime figures by State for 2009 ( Figures for 2010 are still preliminary). The FBI records a crime index rate of 6,669.6 crimes per 100,000 people.

Thats an 83.5% increase in crime. Guess turning Michican into a right-to-carry State didn’t have the effect that gun enthusiasts claimed it would.

EDIT: Actually the FBI does not provide hard data on why crime rates increase or decline; it only reports the rates.

Funny enough, but the media has been working overtime to cover up the widespread wildings and mob attacks in Chicago that has been increasing dramatically in the past year.

Here’s a link to Michigan’s I’m doing this on an iPod, so not a lot of links nor analysis between the two states, but what I gathered was that 1. there has been a *decrease in violent crime in Michigan over the past ten years. However, there has also been a decrease in Illinois over the past ten years, and it seems like the decrease started in both places around the mid90s. The Illinois rates are still higher than Michigan’s, however.

So it’s hard to tell what effect the differing laws have, because crimes rates all over the nation have gone down, iirc. The one thing we don’t see is rates going up when there are more guns around, and to be perfectly honest, with these bizarre mass shootings I think allowing concealed carry everywhere is a very good idea.

That’s interesting, considering a week-long article in the Kalamazoo Gazette last month talked a lot about the downside of concealed weapons permits: terrible record keeping, shoddy (or missing) background checks, felons who haven’t had their permits revoked, etc.

The statistic that crime dropped 10.5% in ten years wouldn’t surprise me a ton, nor would the contradictory statistics stating that crime went up. What might surprise many, though, is that a quick (very quick) glance at the census data for 2000-2010 shows that while the population of the US went up almost 10%, Michigan’s population went down, -0.6%. Much of that population loss is from densely urban areas which have been prone to high crime rates, especially Detroit. How that factors into the final equation, I have no idea. But it does give a wider view of the picture.

Do they name these felons? If the law is being followed its more than a paper work error - these people are looking at 10 years in prison.


I think they named one guy as an example who is currently serving time in federal prison (don’t remember his name) who still has an active concealed weapons permit that wasn’t revoked. It was a month ago, and I read it pretty quick. The paper’s bias against the law was pretty obvious.

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