Tenant Problems


Little background! I just got divorced and I got the house, I have a tenant. I had to get the Plumbers here because everything was backed up (not the cesspool that was drained two monts ago). The pipe coiming from their apartment was clogged and leaked and flooded into my bloiler room. When the guys unclogged eveything they said after making her flush several times it no doubt came from their. She babysits her grandchildren and they have put stuff down the toilet before and clogged it. I went next door and asked them to please be careful of what they put down the toilet He was the one answered the door and started screaming at me that no one is ever home (A lie) and they could not have done it. I said it only takes a minute to flush something down the toilet.
Second problem they put an AC in I wnt to them and said I do not have ab AC because I cannot afford it so when my electric bill comes in you will have to pay the difference. She says no problem, we have had really hot weather. When she gives me the rent money this month she gives me an extra $25 and says that is for the AC I said I did not get my Electric bill yet I told you when I get the bill I will tell you the difference knowing $25 is nowhere near going to cover it. The bill is for 2 months, so today I get my bill and I almost faint my last bill was for $125.00 and this bill for 2 months was for $410,00. I call LIPA and I ask them about the fan I was running and they tell me the most you can take of for that is maybe $30 but the rest is for whatever AC was running.

So I go next door and show her the bill and she says How is it that much? well I will have to show this to Bill I can’t understand it being that much we thought it would be only about $ 25, So now I am getting myself prepared for him to come screaming at me again so I just need you all to tell me to stay calm and say a prayer for me. I know I cannot make them pay and it is not worth me getting all upset and it is really in God;s hands. but I need reinforcements


Get a lawyer.


Since you have LIPA I assume you live on Long Island?

I lived there for many years. My electric bill was never as low as $125 for two months. Are you sure you are comparing like bills?

One AC should have some impact but certainly not that much!


Don’t let them start getting away with stuff. If you do, they’ll never stop. Put an end to it NOW, or kick them out. My mom did this, let her renters start getting away with a little and they soon stopped paying rent, destroyed the house, and then wouldn’t leave until she got a lawyer and the sheriff came and evicted them. They vandalized the house as they left, and it cost her thousands to repair. DO NOT give them and inch, they WILL take the mile. Get a lawyer now.


Do they have a lease or are they month to month?


Teakafrog is right. Remember who’s the boss here–it’s your property. With some tenants, if you try to be a nice guy, they take it as weakness and they’ll walk all over you. I know from experience: my husband used to be a landlord. I’m not implying that you have to be mean, but you have to be firm and stand your ground. Frankly, I’d give these people notice to move.


I repeat: get a lawyer.


I am sure the utility company can set up seperate meters.


Separate meters can be established if your home is listed as a two flat, which is established by your tax bill. If you have an illegal apartment to help make ends meet, then you definitely have more than just a tenant problem, but also a legal problem if you intend to take this issue to a lawyer.


For sure. Hard to throw somene out who does not technically live there.


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