Hello, would anyone out there have a list of suggested readings and songs for Tenebrae service?
Trying to start one at the parish my wife and I belong to now, they have never done this service.
If so, since I am very new ( since this morning) I also need to know how to retrieve any responses, unless someone would emial me at blk21899@aol.com with the lists or directions

Thanks, Budley

Hey, welcome!

You can read the replies to your topic by coming right back to this thread. If you just recently joined, I believe the default setting is for you to receive an e-mail notification when someone replies to your thread anyway, so you should be able to get this! :thumbsup:

I did get this! Thanks, now hoping I might get some responses

Historically, there are no hymns at Tenebrae–the Matins and Lauds of the Triduum.

The only things chanted were the Psalms and such.

I searched Google for you!




These should help.

Thank you Joan! A much needed help.

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