Tennessee diocese sees surge in vocations to priesthood, religious life

Tennessee diocese sees surge in vocations to priesthood, religious life bit.ly/1lsEMDr

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Since being ordained and installed as Nashville’s bishop in February 2006, Bishop Choby has ordained 20 men as priests, with at least one ordination every year. Last year, two new priests were ordained and after the ordination of nine this year, as many as six are scheduled to be ordained in 2015.

In that three-year period, the number of newly ordained priests will increase by half the current number of active diocesan priests, Bishop Choby said.

And the diocese continues to receive men interested in the priesthood. Four new seminarians will begin studies in the fall, which will give the diocese, with about 79,800 registered Catholics, nearly 30 seminarians.

“Not too long ago it seemed, for whatever reason, vocations to the priesthood were drying up,” Bishop Choby told the Tennessee Register, Nashville’s diocesan newspaper. “Through God’s grace and the intervention of the Holy Spirit, there seems to be a renewed interest in the priesthood, which speaks well for the future.”

Bishop David R. Choby and the nine Seminarians from the Diocese of Nashville, Tennessee. Nine Seminarians is not bad. Jesus ordained 11 apostles and changed the world forever. Blessings on these too. It is nice to read stories about the Church being vibrant and growing in some places - as in other bigger places there are less vocations, and churches closing down instead of gaining strength. A Bishop whose priority IS to ordain more priests will feed the flock even after his time is up. :slight_smile:

The new priests are Christiano Nunes de Silva (center, giving Bishop Choby his promise of obedience) and the other eight behind him from left are: Anthony Mutuku, Phillip Halladay, Gervan Menezes, Michael Fye, John Hammond, Delphinus Mutajuka, Paul Nguyen and Daniel Reehil. In the foreground, seminarian Rick Childress holds the book as Bishop Choby reads the prayer. The ordination was the largest single priestly ordination in the history of the Diocese. :clapping::dancing::extrahappy::love: :highprayer: :thumbsup:

This is great news. What a lot of men don’t know is that one can be a deacon (not a priest and still be married, of course with just 1 wife). Being a deacon helps out the community, but I’m really thankful for the great news coming from Tennessee.

This is fantastic news!!! :bounce:

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