Tennessee school districts reject request for records on Islamic 'indoctrination' lessons

School districts in Middle Tennessee have rejected a request from a Christian-based social activism organisation for them to submit copies of all school records pertaining to the reported Islamic curriculum being taught in their public schools.

The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) earlier asked the school districts for copies of all communications, policies and other school records about Islamic lessons in their public schools as it raised concerns about the alleged “Islamic indoctrination” of students.

It said its records request of all 146 Tennessee school districts last month is valid and it “isn’t uncommon for a government entity to delay compliance,” according to The Tennessean.


+1 for the school district! I get tired of all this fear mongering. I saw nothing in that article that would even suggest there was a reason for the request to begin with. This is just another example of fear and hate towards a religion and culture different from our own. Oh wait… I live in the United States, which is made up of many faiths and cultures that brings diversity and should increase our awareness of the world we live in.

The article implies that the ACLJ is acting on its own–there do not seem to be any parent complainants. If there were, then I think the school districts would eventually have to comply, maybe not quite as comprehensively as the ACLJ requests, but to a reasonable extent.

From article:

More than 200,000 have signed an ACLJ petition to stop “Islamic indoctrination.”

More than 200,000… who? Random straangers on the internet? Tennesee parents? And signing a petition is different from actually becoming a plaintiff.


The students learn one page of Christianity, and 28 pages of Islam. Which one do you suggest is “feared and hated” by the school district?

Exactly. Did this request come out of the blue? Would an organization waste its resources asking for records if there hadn’t been complaints? Why, exactly, is Islam being taught in ANY public school? :shrug:

I love people who take a quote from one article with a clear agenda and quote it as fact. Find something other than this article that shows, not regurgitate the same article, that the Tennessee school district is doing a 1/4 of what they are being accused of and we’ll then have a serious discussion.

I don’t know about Tennessee, but in Texas, the state high school curriculum includes historical origins and major tenets of several religions, including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Confucianism, Daoism, and Shinto. Personally, I see no good reason not to do so, as long as religions are not being taught from a faith perspective.

Why is Islamic indoctrination permitted in school while Christians can’t even bring a Bible into class?

Double standard.

And where are the SOCAS types for this? Oh, they’re quiet.

Who says it is… the article? The article provides a lot of opinion, but very little evidence that Islamic indoctrination is taking place. I’m not saying there isn’t questionable practices, but I’m not quick to equate Islamic curriculum as Islamic indoctrination. God forbid this is simply a social studies class teaching the various cultures that impacted the European, African, and Asian societies in existence today. Keep in mind that even the American Center for Law and Justice… the accusers, states this is all alleged. Need more information.

The schools could easily show that the quote is not true by simply agreeing to produce the materials. That is serious enough to merit a discussion, don’t you agree? I’m not going to “find something other than this article.” This thread is about this article.

No, I don’t agree. This article is a one sided, biased opinion piece that needs to produce some type of evidence.

Why should the school provide it? What evidence does the American Center for Law and Justice have in their possession that would warrant such an inquiry? Everyone is quick to claim something wrong happened, that the children are being indoctrinated, but no one is proving that anything questionable happened.

They should provide it because they will appear as though they have nothing to hide. Plus, they are public schools, and the request was made by a Tennessee resident under the open records act. I think that they don’t want to provide it because (1) they’re lazy, and (2) they’re afraid that the information will be fodder for an Establishment Clause lawsuit by the ACLJ.

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