Tens and Sexuality: A sad state of affairs


It saddens me to know that this is going on here locally and elsewhere. I pray that this is the only the extreme and not the norm.

In fact this morning on Bill Bennett’s Morning in America, was speaking about this very topic. Is the story attached below just another form of another agenda to say this is going on, yet not the case. Is this media bias?

Go with God!

Teens Tell Stories Of Sex At House Parties

Research shows 16 percent of girls and 20 percent of boys have engaged in sexual intercourse by the time they reach their 14th birthday. For some fourth- and fifth-graders, sex is the topic of school lunch room conversations almost daily.

In a special report, NewsChannel5’s Deb Lee explored the troubling statistics.
Lee talked with a 15-year-old Cleveland-area girl who is enrolled at the Pepper Pike Alcohol Treatment Center for kids about her experiences with alcohol and sex.

The teen said kids are having sex as young as 11 and 12 years old. She added that it happens at house parties in Cleveland and surrounding suburbs, where the liquor flows so freely and girls sometimes black out.

I know at least six or seven girls that are my good friends that got raped the first time they ever had sex, she said. That’s how they lost their virginity by getting raped at a party while they were under the influence.

Another teen, who will be called Jay, also knows about the parties. He’s also from the Cleveland area and was a resident at the treatment center. Jay, who is 18 now, said he had sex at an early age, too.

“I lost my virginity when I was 9 years old,” he said. “Most of the time, it’s us boys pressuring the girls to do this, do that. But sometimes it’s not all our fault. Sometimes girls be dressing all trashy… you see them out in the street with their little short skirts and tank tops and stuff.”

Another teen says TV glorifies sex.
“They’re all drinking and getting drunk and everything and the rappers are talking about doing drugs and having sex with people and all that,” a teen said.

Dr. Slyvia Rimm, an area expert on child psychology, has interviewed hundreds of children around the country for a book on habits of middle schoolers.

Lee said she discovered that second-, third- and fourth-graders are talking about sex.

“The oral sex, even a generation ago, wasn’t common in high school and now is common as early as 8th grade and even common in high school and taken lightly, I’m sorry to say, in our former president’s words,” Rimm said.

Lee reported that former President Bill Clintons statement: I did not have sex with that woman… Miss Lewinsky," – has had an impact.

She said teens do not think oral sex counts as sex.

"I think there can be real psychological harm when kids are that young Rimm said.

Many teens are choosing abstinence and sobriety. In fact, the 15-year-old in the story sought help through treatment and is now beginning a new life, in a new community, at a new school.

“I’m not going have the peer pressure, and I’m gonna be able to do what I need to do to help myself,” she said.


The good news is that 90% are not having sex, plus there are many youth ministers and good parents out there giving out valuable information to our children. Abstinence programs are on the rise, as well as public speakers, like Jason and Christilina Evert as well as organizations like True Love Waits etc…Pray for our teens. They are being bombarded by secular media as well as peer pressure in schools. They need our prayers, our help, our constant positive reinforcement, not criticism or hand wringing and little else.


First, remember that only the sensational stories make it into the papers. But there are things we can do, certainly those of us who are parents. Kids who are sexually active at young ages are also the ones who are not closely supervised, are not from religious families, are not involved in productive youth activities, etc. It does come down to parenting. Certainly,even kids from “good families” go astray. But we need to focus on what we can do, to counter the destructive influences of our secular culture.


Media lie!!!


They have no way of realizing that most the TV shows they watch or music lyrics they listen to is designed by dirty old men, or their female minions, who love nothing better than to corrupt kids for their own perverted purposes. They keep pushing the idea that “kids are going to do it anyway” and many a snotty teen willingly parrots that bit of received wisdom…what pressure these girls must be under to put out! There’s no “freedom” in it, and truth be known, a lot of heartbreak, disappointment, betrayal, tears, jealousy, despair and all the other wages of sin.

And people wonder why we cling so closely to orthodoxy. It’s really they only proven way to prevent this kind of moral chaos. Kids need rules and guidelines that can be expressed in* words* and passed down to each generation. Sure, people can be “nice” without religion but how many parents are good at teaching Kant’s Categorical Imperative? What kind of compelling truth is communicated with “be nice and don’t hurt nobody”? It’s all slush, gush and mush…and it eventually ends up like this, if not in this generation then in the next.


[quote=caroljm36]And people wonder why we cling so closely to orthodoxy. It’s really they only proven way to prevent this kind of moral chaos. Kids need rules and guidelines that can be expressed in* words* and passed down to each generation.

I can’t agree more!
In some ways, it’s not our country, it’s the whole world that has become polarized.
And yes, this election made it perfectly clear that the majority is being 'treated poorly by the minority in morals and spirituality.
WIth news stories like I submitted to start this thread, there will be a time, soon, that any news we hear, read, or see, will have to have ratings on it like those in the movies.
I.E. Believable=B, Unbelievable=U, Doubtful=D, Accurate=A, etc. It’s the secular media that is ruining society.

Back to the topic at hand: this weeks program on Catholic Answers live about “Chasity is the Way to Live” (11/29) was very encouraging and hopeful.
Here is the archive page where you can hear the program mentioned above:

Go with God!


[quote=Beaver]Media lie!!!

So do teenagers, especially when it comes to this topic and especially especially when it comes to teenage boys.

And that business about oral sex “not counting” as sex was around a long time before Bill Clinton became president.


I don’t know…from what i saw at my highschool, and what I went through as a teen, I’d say it’s pretty realistic. None of my friends are virgins. The last of my friends (including me) to lose thier virginity was 17, everyone else was way before that.

Drugs and alcohol are a HUGE factor. I became addicted to drugs when I was 12…still am, I’m 21 now. It’s rough but I’m dealing.

Talk to a teen from a public school…preferably in the smoking area, where 90% of the students would be…they’ll tell you all about the reality of higschool these days.


The fact that I had to have the conversation with my 15 year old daughter (and we actually had this talk a couple of years ago) about the fact that oral sex IS sex was just too much for me. But I needed to know that she had heard the truth on this subject no matter how hard it was for me to have to talk to her. Fortunately, I got the “no duh” look from her so we’re on the same page on this topic. All I can do at this point is hope and pray we’ve given her the proper direction and she follow through with the the guidance she’s been given.

It’s become a bit of a joke, but every time she goes out she gets the same reminder “no drinking, no drugs, no sex”. Fortunately, we have a good enough relationship to joke about it but there’s a whole lot of truth to that statement!!


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