Tenth commandment violation?


Here’s another “is it sinful?” question.

And it’s not a serious question, but it is kind of serious, because I honestly don’t know the answer.

Yesterday I saw a silver Audi A7. I’m not really a car guy, but if I won the Powerball, I might have bought one. I wanted that car. I still do.

Is this a violation of the tenth commandment? How far does the jurisdiction stretch on things like this? How can a person not violate it?


Not if the desire for a nice car in the future is not debilitating, to the point where you are making a god out of one, and also not if you didn’t cause strife for anyone due to that desire.


Nope. I continued to drive responsibly and stayed focused on the road ahead. :slight_smile:


2537 It is not a violation of this commandment to desire to obtain things that belong to one’s neighbor, provided this is done by just means. Traditional catechesis realistically mentions “those who have a harder struggle against their criminal desires” and so who "must be urged the more to keep this commandment


I broke out the trusty Catechism. :nerd:

You aren’t tempted to go and steal that specific Audi, or another Audi or hate the man who has it.

You just like it. If you had the just means you’d like to purchase your own Audi.


I agree; fairly put.


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