Terence Crutcher, black man shot by Tulsa police, was unarmed


The head of police in Tulsa in the US state of Oklahoma says a black man shot dead by officers on Friday was unarmed.

Authorities are investigating the death of Terence Crutcher, 40, who had his hands in the air when he was shot next to his car, relatives say.

Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan said “there was no gun on the suspect or in the suspect’s vehicle” and promised justice would be achieved.




Unbelievable. I guess having you car break down on the highway is a capital offense in Oklahoma (if your black). I hope that lady enjoyed her little action movie moment. I hope she never works again.

I love the helicopter pilots commentary. They assume he’s a bad dude on drugs, I’m guessing because he’s black.


This is not something new, this has been going on for some time now. I remember hearing how dangerous routine traffic stops were for black people back in the 90s, Im beginning to think this goes deeper than we think, it just keeps happening over and over again, despite him clearly having his hands held up…? I just dont know what to say about this, especially that comment about him being a bad dude by the guy in the helicopter, how could he have known that?

Does anyone remember around the time when OJ Simpson was arrested for murder, Time magazine made him darker in their cover, implying a darker skinned man is somehow more dangerous?!

Its just amazing we are still dealing with this kind of bigotry today.


“By the time Crutcher raised his hands, Tulsa Police officers were also flying above the scene in a helicopter, capturing the incident from an on-board camera. Footage from multiple police cameras show Crutcher walking toward his SUV in the middle of the road, hands raised, followed closely by Shelby and three other officers. They surround Crutcher, who continued to walk back to his car, where he appeared to place his hands toward the vehicle.

I can see how one could assume someone was on something if they continued to walk towards their car, even if their hands are up, when there are multiple officers pointing their weapons at you. I don’t think you can say the helicopter pilot saw a black guy and instantly thought he was on drugs, simply because he was black. Other things were happening at the same time.


If the helicopters view was so bad they couldn’t tell it was a black man how did they know he looked like a bad man?

Why did they treat him like a criminal in the first place? Cops are supposed to assist you if your car breaks down. I’ve never heard of them coming in with guns and tasers at the ready and calling for backup. I don’t buy it. They are murderers!


Without knowing more details it appears it may very well be justified. If a suspect is repeatedly refusing to follow your commands while walked towards and reaching for a gun you really don’t expect the officers to allow him to grab it and kill one of them before they defend themselves do you?


You can clearly see him moving towards his car with multiple officers around him, that is not something I would call normal behavior when police have their weapons aimed at you. I’ve been in that situation and I did not dare move an inch. The only videos I saw begin when the situation has already escalated. I don’t know what happened when the first officer arrived. I’m not going to accuse anybody of murder when I don’t know what actually happened. I’m also not saying the cops were justified, because I simply don’t know what happened. You seem to think you have all the facts, I doubt you do.


Why did the cops treat him as a criminal in the first place? What exactly did he do to warrant all those cops and a helicopter, a tasing, and ultimately getting killed? They created the escalation and then use it as a justification for killing? Do you really think that killing him was the only option the cops had?


Perhaps they told him to walk back to the car and put his hand on the roof.


From the latest video I saw this morning, two of the cops are females, with guns pointing at the suspect. The other is a male, who reportedly tasered the man. The female cop shot him.

I see this as a result of small cops who are afraid of a large black man and over reacted, killing him.

In fact, many of the other shootings look the same, large black man, small framed cop.

It’s probably the result of lowering standards for cops over the past 45 years.

When I got out of the Marines, I checked into becoming a state cop. I was too short, they mandated 5’ 9", 160lbs min. I was 5’ 8", 145lbs, so couldn’t even apply.

However, not long after, as they had to start allowing females onto the force, they eliminated the physical height and weight. They also lowered the physical strength requirements.

As a result, I see small cops, especially small females and ask myself, how do they arrest a large 6’4" 250lb man who becomes violent ?

The answer is what we’re seeing in places like Tulsa. Cops shooting out of fear.

OK this isn’t politically correct so I’ll just let it be. :slight_smile:



The worst thing is, stories like this - legitimately wrong and racist, with all the facts we know right now - set fire to the cases which are NOT wrong and racist, where the police shootings were legally justified.

Please note that I’m not justifying one side or the other, I’m just mad that both cases taint each other.


Can hardly believe some of these comments. He has his hands in the air and no weapon.

And they shot him, killed him, knowing his hands were clear.


Just because your hands are clear doesn’t mean there’s not a gun within your reach.

I haven’t watched any of the videos, so I’m not speculating about this particular instance, but a suspect having their hands in the air does not automatically mean that the cop is out of trouble. If the man continued to move towards their car, despite being told to hold still, it is reasonable for the office to assume they are planning to do something. The perpetrator may not be planning anything, but it’s not the cop’s job to wait until they start acting to respond.

Again, I’m not referencing this particular instance, only pointing out that clear hands do not equal safe officers. From the sounds of it, Jim’s post is probably pretty accurate. A small woman who has no business being an officer in charge of subduing significantly-larger individuals probably overreacted out of fear, and a tragedy followed.


I’ve seen video clips but I’ve not heard that video of the entire interaction of body cam video to be available.


Dashcam footage of the shooting has already been shown to Crutcher’s family members and community leaders, ahead of its public release. They said “it clearly shows that Crutcher’s hands were in the air when he was shot.”

Damario Solomon-Simmons, an attorney for his family, said at a press conference: “We saw that Terence did not have any weapon. Terence did not make any sudden movements. We saw that Terence was not being belligerent.”

It pains me that they need to say this. It pains me to know that there are people who believe that “sudden movements” or “belligerence” are justification for being fatally shot by police.


A police officer doesn’t know a suspect isn’t armed until they’ve had a chance to search them, until then, prudence dictates that you treat all non-compliant suspects as armed+. That’s why you don’t make sudden moves when confronted by police, And with all the recent shooting of police officers, is there any wonder that officers might be a little jumpy?


He had his hands in the air and was wearing a T-shirt, clearly showing he was not armed.

The shooting was unjustified and as I posted before, it was by a cop who was reacted to her own fear.



If his car broke down why was it in the middle of that road? Normally when your car breaks down you’d steer it off the road as much as you can. You’d certainly not steer it into the middle of the road. I find that aspect unusual and therefore would like to know more before passing judgment. Also, I’m not sure why it matters that he was Black. Police shoot unarmed Whites too, but that doesn’t make the news since it doesn’t fit the narrative.


You’d steer if off the road if it had the momentum to do so, otherwise it will stop where it died.



Why would a vehicle be in the middle of the road with no momentum? If the car completely cut out while driving you’d still have momentum. He should have been driving in the right lane. I can understand it coming to rest in the right lane, as it might be impossible or dangerous to put the car on the shoulder. But how did it come to rest in the middle of the road?

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