Teresa Helena Higginson.Servant of God


TERESA HELENA HIGGINSON was born in 1844, and was brought up with her seven brothers and sisters. in an ideal Catholic home at Gainsborough. A bright, precocious child, brimming with life and character, she appears to have attained the use of reason in a remarkable way as a very young age, she was suddenly overwhelmed by the sense of the majesty of God, she fell prostrate on the ground and vowed herself to Him forever. At ten years of age she was sent to the convent at Nottingham, but her school life was much interrupted by ill health, the result, in part, of the austerities she used even then to practice. Latter she was a second level school teacher.

Her father having become bankrupt, she trained as a teacher, thus discovering her life’s vocation - “to teach the poorest of God’s children how to love Him.” Our lord had appeared number of time to Teresa. But the devil appeared to her a number of times trying to scare her and stop her for spreading the word of Jesus Christ. So please pray what i have on this page. Jesus want each one of us to do it !!!

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and cards etc …


Wisdom of the Sacred Head guide me in all my ways,

O Love of the Sacred heart, consume me with Thy fire.

Three glorias in honor of the Divine Will, Memory and understanding.

O Seat of Divine Wisdom and guiding power which governs all the motions of the Sacred Heart, may all minds know thee, all hearts love Thee and all tongues praise Thee, now and forever more


Lord have mercy on us, Christ have mercy on us Lord have mercy on us. Christ hear us, Christ Graciously hear us.

God the Father of Heaven, Have mercy on us

God the Son Redeemer of the World Have mercy on us.

God the Holy Spirit, have mercy on us.

Sacred Head of Jesus formed by the Holy Spirit in the womb of the Virgin Mary

**(after each invocation say GUIDE US IN ALL OUR WAYS) **

Sacred Head of Jesus Substantially United to the Word of God.

Sacred Head of Jesus Temple of Divine Wisdom Sacred Head of

Jesus, Centre of Eternal Light Sacred Head of Jesus Tabernacle
of Divine Knowledge

Sacred Head of Jesus Safeguard against error Sacred Head of

Jesus Sunshine of Heaven and Earth Sacred Head of Jesus

Treasure of Science and Pledge of Faith

Sacred Head of Jesus Radiant with Beauty, and Justice and Love

Sacred Head of Jesus Full of Grace and Truth Sacred Head of

Jesus Living Witness of Humility Sacred Head of Jesus Reflecting
the Infinite Majesty of God,

Sacred Head of Jesus Centre of the Universe Sacred Head of

Jesus Object of the Father’s joyous Satisfaction

Sacred Head of Jesus upon which the Holy Spirit Rested

Sacred Head of Jesus Around which the Glory of Mount Tabor

Sacred Head of Jesus Who had no place on earth on which to

Sacred Head of Jesus Whom the Fragrant Anointing of Magdalen

Sacred Head of Jesus Bathed with the Sweat of Blood in

Sacred Head of Jesus who Wept for our Sins Sacred Head of Jesus Crowned with Thorns

Sacred Head of Jesus Outraged by the Indignities of the Passion

Sacred Head of Jesus Consoled by the loving gesture of Veronica

Sacred Head of Jesus Bowed to the earth which was Redeemed
at the moment of death on Calvary

Guide us in all our ways.

Sacred Head of Jesus Light of every being born on earth,

Sacred Head of Jesus Our Guide and our Hope Sacred Head of

Jesus Who knows all our Needs Sacred Head of Jesus Who
gives Us All Graces Sacred Head of Jesus that Governs all the motions of the Sacred Heart

Sacred Head of Jesus Whom we wish to adore and make known through the World

Sacred Head of Jesus Who knows all the secrets of our hearts

Sacred Head of Jesus Who enraptures and Angels and Saints,

Sacred Head of Jesus Who one day we hope to be unveiled forever,

Jesus we Adore Your Sacred Head; We surrender Utterly to All Degrees of Your Infinite Wisdom


12 Promises of
given to Teresa Helena Higginson of England, by
Our Lord Jesus Christ,
to be specially adored as
The Seat of Divine Wisdom

[/LIST]“Anyone who shall assist in furthering this Devotion shall be blessed a 1,000 fold; but woe to him that shall reject or go against My wish in this respect, for they shall be scattered in my wrath and shall know their place no more.” (June 2, 1880)

  1. Our Lord “would crown and clothe with a peculiar glory all those who further this devotion” to the Sacred Head. “He would clothe with glory before angels and men in the courts of heaven those who clothed Him in glory on earth and would crown them in everlasting bliss.” (Sept. 10, 1880)

3.“We render a great homage to the ever Blessed Trinity by adoring our dear blessed Lord’s Sacred Head as the ‘Seat of divine wisdom’.” (Annunciation 1881)

4Our Lord would bless “all who practice or further this devotion in any way.” (July 16, 1881)

5.“Untold blessings are promised to those who shall try to furher our Lord’s wishes in spreading the Devotion.” (Juni 2, 1880)

  1. “The more we practice devotion to the Sacred Head the more we must see of the working of the Holy Spirit of God in the human soul, and the better we will know and love the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.” (Juni 2, 1880)

7.The “devotion and love to His Sacred Heart should be bestowed a hundred fold upon those who practice devotion to the Seat of divine Wisdom.” (May, 1883)

  1. “Our blessed Lord said that all that He had promised to those who should worthily love and honor His Sacred Head should be poured out upon those who honoured it themselves or were the means of others doing so. Oh Sacred Head, may Thy Wisdom ever guide us, and the sacred tongue ever bless us and plead for mercy and pardon, and may we never hear the curse pronounced against those who shall hinder or despise this Devotion.” (June 2, 1880)

9.“To them that honor Me I will give of my might and I will be their God and they shall be My children and I will place my sign upon their foreheads and My seal upon their lips.” (June 2, 1880)

10.He gave me to understand that this wisdom and Light was the seal that marked the number of His elect and they shall see His Face and His Name shall be on their foreheads. (May 23, 1880)

11.Our Lord gave her to understand that St. John referred to His Sacred Head of the Seat of Divine Wisdom “in the last two Chapters of Revelations and with this mark were sealed the numbers of His elect.” (May 23, 1880)

  1. Our Lord shows her the great blessings and graces he has in store for all who shall further His divine Will to this end. (May 9, 1880


please pray this prayer. our lord died for you. so do something for him … thats what he want us to do and say


Does anyone know the Church’s position regarding this individual?

Googling the woman’s name leads to extremely vicious anti-Semitic websites.


I was at the Church today that was the school that she is said to have taught at, there was a Mass said for her, and prayers were said at her grave too!


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