Teresian Carmel in process of foundation


There is an OCD nun on-leave who is in the process of founding a new Carmel in the Mid-
West. She will consider both younger and older vocations as well as any other OCD nuns who might be on leave or in transition. The foundation will be traditional & the founding nun
is hoping to use the EF of the Mass when possible and the EF of the Divine Office.
Any woman who is interested may contact Sister at the following email address:

or phone Sister at: 217-779-9186


I forgot to mention that the new OCD Carmel will use the traditional habit worn by
St. Teresa of Avila and St. Therese, etc. Older women of any age w/a true calling to the contemplative/enclosed Discalced Carmelite life will be given serious consideration on an individual basis.


Regarding the new OCD Carmelite NunsMonastery, there is now a strong possibility that the Carmel
might be the Adoration Center in the Diocese. However, that is not certain yet. Sister
is still looking for recruits, both young and older. Anyone who is interested can email
Sister at:

or call:

If Sister does not answer keep trying. She is either at Church or at prayer.


Any more news on this Carmel foundation?

If the MidWest didn't work out, the Carmelite nuns that were in the Mobile, AL monastery have had to leave it, as I understand it, due to there being 4 or even less and they were all in their 80s.

Sad but unfortunate as I wrote them about 4-5 years ago and they only hand 4 and were in their late 70's-80's. At first they were open and said "yes come for a visit" and then they just said "no" because I was too "old" - I was 44 when I wrote them. So now they are no more.

Said how this age "bias" is really ridiculous. I wonder how many other women they turned away due to age? Just as many other orders I know of that are low in numbers and up in age but they are waiting for the 20 yr olds to walk on in! And these are good, traditional orders, full habits so not modern, habitless or practicing Reiki, Enneagrams or some crazy nonsense that creeps into some orders.

This new foundation seems very interesting.


Oh, how sad that the Mobile Carmel had to close .. :( I wonder where the older nuns are going now.


Here is one of the links on the Mobile Carmel closing that I had found:


Quote from the article:

"The property is still in the hands of the nuns that are now at Mercy," he said. "That's their property, but they have made the decision for themselves to get the attention they needed for themselves. The hope is that later on down the road, younger nuns will come to the monastery."


Does this have the approval of the Provincial?


Oh, sad to hear about the Mobile Carmel closing. I know a community of Carmelites here in Upstate New York who moved from Albany diocese to Rochester diocese because the one in Rochester was down to two or three elderly nuns.

I agree with you about the age ‘bias’. I’m 55, and there is no way that any of the ‘good, traditional Orders’ will even look at women after the age of 30! We don’t even exist!

Well, it will interesting to see how this new foundation will turn out…


Like you I am an "oldie but goodie"! and due to the age bias and ridiculous thinking about this, I have been writing, visited last July, was accepted and waiting to enter (after my house sells), with the Carmelite nuns of Kirk Edge, Sheffield, United Kingdom.

Their website: kirkedge.org.uk/index.html

Photos of St. Therese's relics that came to their monastery last October 1, 2009:

My own personal pictures I took (some from a friend who visited there also for her vocation) of my visit the Kirk Edge Carmel: s569.photobucket.com/albums/ss140/jmjtcarmelite/

At first I was sad to after to leave the US for follow my vocation to a good 1990, traditional, strict, austere, true to Our Holy Mother St. Teresa of Avila and her ideal for Carmel - in fact any Carmel that was even good - would accept my age and that I felt called to. So when I visited there, I was not only in peace and home, but in Heaven!

The majority of orders in the UK and Ireland either have no age limits or very high age limits. I know of Poor Clares and Poor Clare Colettines, the Carmels and Benedictines who do. Have no info on any Dominicans.

So for any woman serious about their vocation, up in age and feel called to Carmel especially and want to truly make a sacrifice of herself and all, then look over seas.

The UK only has 2 1990 Carmels, Kirk Edge and St. Helen's. The others wear the modified habit and are 1991s. One 1991, Wolverhampton, is full habit and very good though.

It's funny how the Carmels here in the US won't take older because the life is to hard or something, a Carmel like Kirk Edge which is much more austere, stricter and harder than the vast majority of the US will accept older vocations because with the vocation call comes the grace and the Mother Prioress there believes in giving all a chance if she believe they may have a vocation to come and try it. She says she is not about to tell God that SHE knows better in who to accept and turn away! This is not meaning ones who are totally unsuitable as in mental illness or a serious physical illness or other problem.

I had a wonderful PCC Abbess in this country tell me that for most orders, just as many young woman enter and leave as older women. It just depends on if it they have a true vocation, desire to stay, persevere, etc. Often this culture raises people to flee and give up when the tough gets going: marriages, jobs, etc.

Well, my 2 cents and more is over! lol!


Wow, Teresa Benedicta-you got accepted in a UK Carmel! That’s great!

I got a glimpse of the photos taken when St. Therese’s relics visited the Kirk Edge Carmel in Sheffield last year…and guess what? There is a Carmel in Upstate New York that corresponds with them!

A priest-friend of mine in the diocese of Salford [Manchester] sent me a beautiful commemorative book of the visit of the relics, and I brought it to the Carmelites I know outside Rochester, NY [they used to be in Schenectady, in the Albany diocese] to show them. The Mothers Prioress and Sub-Prioress looked through the book and saw the pictures of the nuns whose monasteries the relics passed through. That’s when they told me that they correspond with the Sheffield nuns.

Yes, many of the convents in the UK have fewer and fewer members, because the Catholic English have no sense of sacrifice in them anymore. They seem to forget the sufferings and hardships their ancestors endured just to keep the Faith alive ‘in spite of dungeon, fire and sword’! Go figure…:shrug:


Actually, vocations to religious life and priesthood here in the UK have been increasing in recent years. Irrespective of that, your remarks are not only inaccurate, but offensive.

In all charity, what special insight do you have into the lives of the 5 million-plus Catholics in the UK that allows you to read their souls?


Oh, good heavens-I had no intention of ‘offending’ anyone, much less the English!

If my remarks were in any way inaccurate, then please give me some figures! I was going only on what Teresa Benedicta said in the post that was above mine.

I have a priest-friend in the northern part of England, and he had told me personally-either by phone or in writing-that two Carmels in England had closed/merged due to the lack of vocations. One was in Salford, which is the diocese he is in (when I visited him in his parish in 1997, he showed me a chalice he received from the monastery when it closed. I took a photo of it in the sacristy of the church). The other one was in Walsingham-it was closed on the Feast of St. Teresa of Avila.

I never claimed the facility of reading anyone’s souls, much less 5-million plus Catholics in England!


Fair enough. No harm done.

With respect, unless you had the power to read souls, you would be unable to accurately state that:


TeresaBenedicta referred to closure of religious houses, which happens here just like everywhere else in the western world, but she didn’t claim that this was because of a national failing. I think that was entirely your gloss on her comments. Anyway, enough said, and all good wishes to you.

The Kirk Edge monastery is only a few miles from where my parents live, but despite being a Carmelite friar myself I’ve never visited there. Congratulations, TeresaBenedicta (a saint of great personal meaning to me, by the way) on being accepted, and my prayers for your ongoing formation. Who knows, I may even see you there one day if God wills it. :slight_smile:


OCarm-are you near Aylesford, by any chance? Your location says, ‘Kent’.

I went to the Shrine there in 1997-really lovely place. I was in the ODCS back then, and I was able to attend the Lay OCarms’ meeting as a guest. It was pretty cool!

And again, congrats to Teresa Benedicta! [hope I didn’t take your thread down the proverbial rabbit hole; if I did, I apologize]. :blush:


Congratulations to you!!! My husband is from Sheffield, I’ve been there twice. It is a lovely city and a very pretty part of the country.

May God bless you in your discernment!



I calld her tonight she was so nice to me. thank you for putting this up so I can call her.


Oh and she lives not to far from me so I was like thats so cool maybe we can meet someday.


I do live quite near, yes. We have several houses here in the south-east of England. I did my novitiate at Aylesford, in fact. Glad to hear you had the opportunity to go there - witnessing a house first established nearly 800 years ago is a great pleasure.


Yes, that was a neat place. Everyone I met that day treated me like a ‘sister’.

Did you go to Aylesford when St. Therese’s relics were there? I have a commemorative book on the visit of the relics from a priest-friend of mine in the north of England [Salford diocese]. The photos from Aylesford showed a lot of people in spite of the rain!


Am down in Alabama right now & was on my way to join Sister Teresita, but I came down with a bad sinus infection & cannot leave for about another 10 days. I already know Sister
from when she was in Ohio & she is very nice as well as trad…Actually, she lives in a FSSP parish & goes to the TLM Mass everyday…
I do not have much access to a computer here & only get on line once every 2 weeks +/-…
Beyond that, there is not much more to be said.
OCD Carmels are autonmous (esp.the trad ones that do not even come under the Friars) so,
of course, there is no provincial at all. The 1990 Carmels fall under the local Bishop.
The 1991 Carmels are +/- associated w/the OCD Friars. But. all are autonomous…
Do pray for the new foundation, please. God bless you all!

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