Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles

Well I was wondering if anyone else likes this show. I grew up with the movies and I love it.(I just don’t really like T3 that much).

Not really a Catholic topic, but yes I think it is a great show. Definitely one of the more entertaining shows on television. I’m a big fan of the movies and I’m glad that they start where T2 leaves off and basically drop T3.

You know it’s a good series because it isn’t very popular and might not make it to season 3. To me, it seems like the better the show, the less popular it is.

Sad but very true just like they did with Firefly:( But I do hope they do a season 3. Whos your favorite character?

I like the show quite a bit as well. I hope it gets another season and can’t wait to see how/if it ties in to the new Terminator movie that comes out next year.

Rumors are flying all over that Robert Patrick (T-1000 in Terminator 2: Judgement Day) is in the new movie. :dancing:

A knowledgeable person claims that Mr. Patrick is off the set of The Unit for a few weeks doing “a movie,” but the announcement of which movie hasn’t been made. So everyone is thinking “Terminator!” Woo hoo!

I have to admit, I hope they don’t try to make him look like he did 20 years ago. He is a very handsome man, but he turns 50 on November 5, and he looks his age.

My husband (the meanie!) keeps joking about “Terminator Four–Attack of the Geezer Terminators.” Harumph.

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