"Terri Schiavo" of Italy condemned to death by Milan court (CNA)

Rome, Jul 10, 2008 / 12:36 pm (CNA).- The Civil Court of Appeals in Milan ruled this week that the father of Eluana Englaro, an Italian woman who has been in a vegetative state for 16 years after a car accident in 1992, can discontinue the food and hydration that is keeping her alive, which would condemn her to the same agonizing death suffered by the American Terri Schiavo.http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r/catholicnewsagency/dailynews/~4/331924276

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:banghead: Pray for all involved. Each needs prayer for a different reason. :gopray2: :gopray2:

The slippery slope is not confined to the United States by any stretch of the imagination. I know there was talk of making Terri Shiavo the patron saint of those who suffer deaths in this way. Perhaps, we should all pray for her intercession in this case. May God protect this Italian woman.

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