Terrible thoughts OCD help? Should I go to confession again?

I was diagnosed with OCD and anxiety 5 years ago. I sometimes get scrupulous thoughts sometimes while praying. My issue at present is with thoughts that come into my head out of the blue while I’m just talking with family or friends. Really terrible awful thoughts even about them, I feel so upset about it afterwards & it upsets me and I worry that God thinks I thought those disgusting awful things. Everytime I look forward to things like seeing family or meeting up with friends something like terrible thoughts always spoils it. Am I to blame for the thoughts or is it a sin?
I went to confession yesterday, I actually forgot about those thoughts as I was focusing on making a good confession but afterwards when I was praying the Rosary the thoughts that upset me came back into my head & I felt quite upset about it. Now I am worried should I have confessed these thoughts? Was Our Lady reminding me I didn’t confess them when I was praying the Rosary? Will I be ok to receive Holy Communion now after this?
I don’t want thought like that in my head, I really hope God doesn’t think I would? Please help?

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