Terrific Resource on the Catholic Church


I just want to thank the folks on this forum who recommended Harmony Media’s “Welcome to the Catholic Church” 4.0 CD-ROM.

I’d been looking down the barrel of spending beacoup bucks building up my Catholic library, but purchased this based on several folks’ recommendation here. I now have electronic copies of the Catholic Bible, Catechism, encyclicals and council documents, early church fathers, Church history, homilies from Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI, and a whole bunch more.

What’s even better is the content is linked, so I can check out a Catechism paragraph and jump write to Scripture or ecclesiastical writings relevant to it.

What’s even better is this software gets updated all the time, so as it is, we get new content. I purchased mine from aquinasandmore.com; www.harmonymediainc.com also has it.

Thanks for recommending it and a big shout out to Bill Van Smoorenburg, the guy who created it.


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