Terror 'Surprise' for Sochi Olympics? Purported Suicide Bombers' New Threat



                      Next month is going to be interesting. Prayers for those attending and participating.


I’m worried that a repeat of Munich will happen here. :frowning:


Hopefully, Russia will be able to stop an attack before they get to pull one off. If our intell reveals suspicious communications we need to help them out. Wishful thinking that they would appreciate it and throw Snowden out but they might be between a rock and a hard place due to possibly being Snowden’s financial and logistical broker! Scary!


Nothing to do with Snowden. The Caucasus, where Sochi is, has always been a very politically hostile part of the Russian Federation because of Chechnya.


If anything does happen in/around Sochi, the targets are not going to be a few Israeli athletes; they are going to be anyone and everyone who happens to be in the way, and it will make Munich look like a Sunday School picnic.

If I were the head of a U.S. life insurance company, I would send out letters stating that anyone going to that part of the world during the time of the Olympics would have his/her policies invalidated for the time that [s]he was there.


Let us get one thing straight, the US has not, and will not cooperate with the Russian Federation’s counter terrorism efforts. The US funds these activities through its so-called democratization efforts. Just look at US funding of jihadist groups during the Chechnyan wars, the US called them “freedom fighters” and bankrolled this form of terrorism. Russia warned the US about these, but we didn’t quite figure it out until our hens came home to roost in Boston.

The whole thing with Snowden is a non-issue. He didn’t even really reveal anything that would not be known, he just pouted, blew his little media whistle, and got a ton of attention from sheeple who suddenly became very indignant when stories appeared on the nightly news.


I think you misunderstand. Russia is not going to “ask” us for help due to having Snowden as their “guest”. Get it? Its becoming more and more clear that they aided and abetted the traitor so our generosity would be awkward to say the least. Our classified, advanced, electronic capabilities were stolen by Snowden and have been released, bit by bit, ruble for ruble. These capabilities might have assisted in revealing terrorist plots.


if indeed there is a suicide bomber already in place as i heard on the news tonight, it could be much worse than Munich. i pray that they find this woman they are looking for, but for all we know, she might not be the only one. i don’t think i would be going over there. i wonder if any athletes might back out at the last moment. i pray for the Olymptics to go on without any terror plots succeeding and for safety for all those attending.


Right, this is whats being suggested now.


Security Putin address yesterday.


The threat…

“If you hold these Olympics, we’ll deliver a present for the innocent Muslim blood that’s being spilled around the world, whether in Afghanistan, Somalia or Syria,” the men said in the video, addressing Putin. “For the tourists, there will also be a present.”


I got a strong feeling, that if there’s any trouble of any kind in Sochi, once the Olympics begin, you’re going to hear loud calls to suspend the Winter games and move them to another country.


The best response to terrorism is to brush it off and carry on as before.
That is what they do in Israel.


I don’t envy Putins situation, I do think he picked a bad spot for the games, I can’t imagine he didn’t think about terrorists in that area.

They think there are a few black widow nut bombers, might be there already.



I remember reading last year, that female Chechen Jihadists, in order to avoid detection, are permitted to wear sleazy revealing outfits.


Sounds like a good place to avoid unless your doing missionary work.



Ive been hearing alot of media attention about the security around the Olympics set to begin soon, What surprises me is the US is desperately trying to stick their noses into Russian security claiming they want to assist. However if the tables were turned and Russia was demanding to assist and and get involved in the security if they were being held in the US, I would bet the US would be treating them the same way Russia is treating the US concerning security involvement. I think they know what is best since it is their country after all LOL. Plus they have been around a lot longer than we have, so Im pretty confident in Russian security!

If I were Russian, I would actually be offended at how the US is acting about all this, they are implying Russia does not know what its doing when it comes to security.


Well, I think if we’re going to be honest here; they don’t. Anyone remember the Moscow theater hostage crisis?


You need a news article or the thread will be closed.

I thought I heard that Russia welcomed US support against terrorism. I also heard that terrorists may decide to strike elsewhere in Russia since all the attention is being focused on Sochi.


Isn’t that only for the opening post of the thread?


That would be logical

The US has offered support. Here is a press release from the DOD

Pentagon Press Secretary Statement on Olympic Winter Games Security

[FONT=monospace]The following press release is attributed to Rear Admiral John F. Kirby, USN
The United States has offered its full support to the Russian government as it conducts security preparations for the Winter Olympics.

To that end, U.S. commanders in the region are conducting prudent planning and preparations should that support be required.

Air and naval assets, to include two Navy ships in the Black Sea, will be available if requested for all manner of contingencies in support of – and in consultation with – the Russian government.

There is no such requirement at this time.


that is what i thought for a thread in this forum. just the opening post needs a news article.

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