Terrorism and National Debt


Tonights Sixty Minutes had two surprising episodes. They truely focused upon two important issues which together can cause our country to some degree the Church many headaches.

The First issue they dealt with is the sophistication of international terrorism and the necessity for our country to be ever vigilant. Will we continue to be serious about the issue or will we play politics and blame the other guy for not doing what we wish. Or worse, will some of us pretend that the issue isn’t real or that the US and Europe deserve what they get. One of the aims of the terrorists, i.e., mainly the Wahhabists, is to take over worldwide Islam. They have made enormous strides in the last 30-40 years.

The second issue focused upon our growing national debt because of Social Security, which President Bush addressed but was rebuffed by the Dems and AARP, Medicare, and the drug assistance offered to seniors, which the Bush Administration disasterously supports.

Imagine what everyone in the world will face if the Wahhabists get control of Islam? They already run Saudi Arabia and much of the worldwide terror organizations and have a growing influence upon the Mosques and Islamic educational institions of the world.

Imagine what will happen as we continue to ignore the catastropic debts being built up in SS and Medicare. What will the Church be able to do when overwhelmed by increasing pleas for help. What effect will this have on our Social Service ministries?



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