Terrorism: Islamic Cyber Rogues Threaten Vatican Site


Dubai, 8 Nov. (AKI) - Muslim hackers allegedly supporting al-Qaeda have announced - for the second time in a month - a planned attack on the Vatican’s official website. The assault has been planned by Islamist cyber-rogues for Thursday 9 November at 12 am Mecca time (10 am in Italy). The announcement was made on Wednesday through the creation of an ad hoc site where hackers can download programmes to start the internet attack. “The leadership of the electronic Jihad has decided to undertake a grand attack against the official Vatican site following the insults by the Pope against our Prophet,” read a statement.

“With Allah’s blessing, the attack will succeed thanks to the help of our brothers if we all attack simultaneously. We ask all our brothers to be present at the hour of the attack for a joint action, because they (Catholics) have struck our religion. THEY MUST BE FOUGHT AND DESERVE TO BE ATTACKED AND NOT ONLY ON THEIR INTERNET SITE,” the statement continued.

The programme foresees a series of incursions to be launched not only on Thursday 9 November but also on the 11th and 15th of the month. Even though an internet site has been created specifically to help hackers breach the Vatican’s cyber defences, the appeal appears to have garnered little support in the forums that publish the statements of the al-Qaeda terror network, and only two of these sites have themselves posted the appeal.

On 11 October several internet sites which act as the mouthpieces of Islamic terrorism launched an appeal for hackers to attack the Holy See’s site. The appeal allegedly attracted dozens of hackers.

The appeal followed worldwide protests in the Muslim world over a speech in September in which Pope Benedict XVI quoted a Christian emperor linking Islam to violence. The address sparked protests, the recalling of ambassadors from Muslim countries and terror threats against Rome and the Vatican.

The pontiff has expressed regret that his words were “misunderstood” saying that the 14th century Christian emperor Manuel II Palaiologus did not express his own views"


"Peaceful and “tolerant” Muslims are at it again! Jesus and Mary have been portrayed as a homosexual and a lesbian, and we don’t threaten and kill anyone. The Pope quotes a statement and Muslims go on rampages of burning, looting and killing proving that the quote was right!


Hi Booklover, :slight_smile:

The same thing had happened several years ago when the prolific writer Salman Rushdie wrote a novel entitled “Satanic Verses” and claimed to reveal to the modern society many secrets in the early history of Islam. The poor man of literature was condemned to death, and the bookstores where his books were sold were burnt down. Thousands of Muslims demonstrated through riots their traditional unfamiliarity with the notions of “tolerance”, “maturity”, and “dignity”. On the other hand, when a European guy wrote a novel to criticize the Christian history by the help of a so-called secret known by Leonardo da Vinci, the faithful of the Church preferred debunking the claims of that piece of fiction through articles and books instead of burning the copies of the book or killing the author.

Despite His great love taking Him to the cross for our sake, the Lord of Lords is being forgotten and ignored by the Western civilization. Thus, a significant prophecy is coming true: “Will the Son of Man find faith on earth when He comes back?”

Peace to you :wink:



They will be judged, at the end of their lives, and at the end of time—whether or not they want to or not. They will not succeed.


Peace to you also! Someone posted this on the WhyIslam site and I thought it would be worth posting here as well. Don’t know where it originally came from:

"As usual, the Muslims are staging violent tantrums over the pope’s speech.The Palestinians are attacking Catholic churches in Israel with guns and firebombs, while a church in Iraq was attacked just the other day. In a news report I read, a Muslim spokesman said the the Muslims were offended because the pope “inaccurately” characterized Islam as evil and violent, and therefore insulted the “peaceful” religion of Islam.

It would be funny if it weren’t so ironically sick. Muslims complain about being portrayed as violent by engaging in acts of extreme violence, murder, arson, destruction. They prove the truth of their violent religion every time someone speaks the truth about it. When Christians are offened, they cancel their subscriptions, withdraw support and write letters to the editor. When Muslims are offended, they arson buildings, kidnap and murder people, and go on violent rampages.

How anyone can call Islam the “religion of peace” and not be committed to a mental hospital for treatment is beyond me. Those who insist on referring to Islam as the “religion of peace” should just come out and claim that Christianity is the “religion of violence.” That way we’ll know they’re not crazy, just dyslexic."

Vickie :slight_smile:


Wow. Just… wow. The Muslim plan to retake the Vatican website for Allah is a display of ignorance on more than one level.

Firstly, trying to “hack” them (by which I assume they’re meaning a denial of service attack) just won’t work. With firewalls and advanced encryption in use these days, I’d like to see them DoS even my home computer…

Supposing their attack succeeds, what good is it going to do them? Who actually goes to the Vatican website on a regular basis? It’s getting better, but it’s still quite clunky and the interface is a weeeee bit ugly (it’s incredibly annoying to attempt to read Papal enyclicals against that awful “parchment” background). What are they going to do, make the website better? :bounce:


Did you check out what I put in bold? They’re not just talking about internet attacks!



Well our Lord came to this world to be persecuted. I guess the persecution continues up to our very own time…I mean, there is no church very freely attacked by this increasingly liberal world other than His church.

And I have to say, the way Christians reacted to that form of persecution is just what our Lord taught. Hurray for Christians and non-violence! :smiley:

I hope not to insult muslims but the way they react (on par with their teachings I think) is something “wordly” compared to the holy way only the Son of God/God could have taught. And what could we expect? The muslim pioneer was just a man, not a god. He could not have taught holiness the way our Lord has.


Don’t you think it would be more prudent to use the term “Radical Islamist” instead of “Islamists”?


I just use the word “Muslim.” These guys are going to try and kill the pope. They have sworn to do it. We have no reason not to believe them. The days of martyr popes are coming back thanks to Islam.


What makes a Muslim a ‘radical’ Islamist and not just an Islamist? It’s the degree of fundamentalism and enthusiasm for one’s religion. There are millions of ‘radical’ Islamists out there who would hesitate to burn, slash, behead, rampage in the name of Allah if someone says something the slightest critical of Islam. The ones who actually conduct terrorist attacks are not the looneys - they are the ones who can quote scripture and point to similar behavior of their prophet as justification for their actions.


they are the ones who can quote scripture and point to similar behavior of their prophet as justification for their actions.

I have been among the first to protest at anti- Islamist and Islamophobic behaviour as unacceptable. I have done this because that is what Christendom demands of us. That we MUST love our neighbour and pray for those who hurt us.

But, I was deeply saddened to learn of the fate of a 14-year old Catholic lad who was crucified in Bazra by the extremists because he was a follower of Christ.

I was equally shocked to learn that a priest of the Authodox Catholic Church who was abducted, had been found. He had been disembowelled while still alive. His arms and legs had been removed and his torso cut in half.

This is not the work of Moslems, nor Islam. This is the work of the disciples of satan [small ‘s’ intended]. One suspects that ordinary Moslems are as much afraid of this evil as the rest of us and as much at risk if they renounce them to the authorities.

Therefore, I ask my Christian brothers and sisters not to think ill of our Moslem brothers and sisters. But to work with them to root out evil and make for a more civilised, just peaceful community for the BOTH OF US TO CO-EXIST.

Pax Christi


Co-existence is one thing. Denial is quite another. :mad:

Wake the heck up, already!!


These people don’t know the cost it will have once they start a religious war. If they do that, then these terrorists will have a lot to answer for. Islam should really start reeling these people in before they make a major blunder.


This is not the work of Moslems, nor Islam. This is the work of the disciples of satan [small ‘s’ intended]. One suspects that ordinary Moslems are as much afraid of this evil as the rest of us and as much at risk if they renounce them to the authorities

So what is a moderate Muslim to do? Since the 16th century, and probably before, any moderate muslim that tried to interpret the Koran in a way other than set down by Hadith and Sunna has been killed as an apostate. How and where can moderate muslims speak up?


How and where can moderate muslims speak up?

That is the paradox. They can’t:mad:


How and where can moderate muslims speak up?

That is the paradox. They can’t. They are in a heads the fanatics win, and tails the moderates lose situation :mad:


How is that? Even the ones in America or some other safe place don’t seem to be very vocal about it…


They are in smaller circles. They try to avoid it publically because even in the west they are a target.

There was a case here in TO of a Muslim woman speaking out agaisnt shariah for gay rights. She received all sorts of death threats and her property vandilized.


by whom?


Many attempts so far by cyber jihadists…failure :slight_smile:

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