Terrorists kidnap, torture boy to bully Iraqi policeman


What would you have done, if you were this boy’s father they were after? :frowning:

Unbelievable, the evil that is in the world these days.

*It is frightening. Not sure why I’m reading the news these days. :rolleyes: I stopped for a while, I felt much better!

But…what would you have done in this man’s shoes? Would you have held out, and allow your son to be brutalized because of the principle of not giving in to the demands of terrorists? I don’t believe in giving in to their demands, either–but to allow your son to go through THAT!!! I don’t know. I felt sick reading that. :(*

They’d only kidnap him againand others, escalating each time. They’re thugs. They’re liars. They’re child torturers. You can’t expect reason from them. :mad:

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