Terry McAuliffe Leads in Final Polls



Interesting… this is quite a race to watch.


Voters did not view either main candidate favorably.

I think this line says it all.


Wow…what a sad race it is when “Nearly a third of McAuliffe’s supporters said they were voting for him because they disliked Cuccinelli, Quinnipiac found.” Apparently, voters don’t like either of them, but one is disliked more than the other. :stuck_out_tongue:


if McAuliffe wins, it’ll be another nail in the coffin for unborn babies and a victory for the devil in terms of more abortion with no restrictions and no common sense health regulations like wider hallways and a place for ambulance for emergencies.


That’s what things are coming to. It’s impossible to get good candidates when people from the extreme ends of the spectrum dominate the stage. McAuliffe is winning because Cuccinelli is so extremely far right that even the right can’t support him. McAuliffe is more moderate, but I’d agree not the best choice.


The media and the dems want this to be a bellweather so bad for 2014—notice how the New Jersey race is not. :rolleyes:

But it really won’t be with Sarvis in the race.

The democrats used Bill Clinton, Joe Biden and Obama and outspent the republicans by what–25 to 1?

It’s quite amazing that Cuccinelli is doing so well, all things considered.

What it tells me is that the GOP is looking strong in 2014.


It’ll also be a day of reckoning for northern Virginians who came from or avoided DC and Maryland.

Their wallets will be hit.

What’s interesting about that though is if the democrat wins, how much pounding of the paycheck will they take from a Hilary 2016 campaign and would they be more apt to vote republican?

Just think: If it’s Christie and he carries NH and NJ and then VA, it’s pretty much over.


I don’t think they’re looking very good at all after that debacle they created over the continuing resolution. But not to worry, on a national level they’ve gerrymandered the house districts to the point that the Dems won’t have a chance to control the house any time in the foreseeable future.


KC is PORTRAYED as a far-right guy.

Doesn’t mean he is necessarily is.

Don’t say that just make a cool, popular point.


No, he really is far right. He ignored Lawrence v Texas, he’s attempted to shield concealed carry permit applications against Freedom of Information Act requests, he’s proposed cutting the top income tax bracket by .75% and on corporations by 2%, he’s advocated abstinence-only sex education classes in public schools, and he’s advocating revoking the citizenship of children of illegal immigrants born in the US.

These are all actions that are consistent with a far right political philosophy. And, these are just a few… there are many more out there.


Seriously hope he holds on. I’ll be watching closely tomorrow.


He is for late term abortions. Up until birth and he is Catholic. Another Catholic that is letting the church down. Shameful.


I have heard that there is expected to be a low turn out and I hope McAuliffe does not win. His views on abortion are abominable.

Woman #1: “So as governor, would you oppose any restrictions on my right to an abortion at any time?”

McAuliffe: “Yes.”

Woman #1: “No, Yes?”

McAuliffe: “I would support stopping any restrictions.”

And then to remove any doubt, he told another woman that as governor he would be a “brick wall” against even the most common ground limitations on abortion.

Woman #2: “Also, if any anti-choice Republicans were to introduce legislation preventing me from getting an abortion after 20 weeks would you oppose it?”

McAuliffe: “So you have a Constitutional right. This has been determined in our nation. It is a Constitutional right. It is. What I said here is that I will be a brick wall to stop any erosion of any Constitutional right that any woman has in Virginia. I will be a brick wall.”


The Planned Parenthood president was personally campaigning for him, that should tell you all you need to know


Democrats have sent robocalls that Cuccinelli saying supports abortion and the Affordable Care Act, which is not true



I don’t live in Virginia, but the national news has been propping it up as a nationally-important race. I’ve seen the polls, I’m calling McAuliffe by a landslide.


I just got out of the polls voting for Cuccinelli. Even the libertarian candidate is pro gay marriage and pro choice. Probably one of the sadder options I’ve seen for Virginia, as I’ve felt that Cuccinelli has an overly aggressive style of politics. However, as he is the only pro-life option, not too mention reasonably sound business ideas, he gets my vote.

Looks likely that Sarvis will siphon enough votes to give the democrats a win.


Very true. Another reason is that Virginia changed it’s primaries from open to closed for Governor. There was a more moderate Republican - Bill Bolling that had plenty of experience and would’ve been a great candidate for Governor. However, he declined to run after they changed the rules because he new he couldn’t win without an open primary.

I was very disappointed in that move. What brought the Tea Party into any sort of power was a more open primary process in the Republican party. Now that they have more control over the party they suddenly close the primary process to protect their candidates? Sounds more like mainstream politics to me.


You guys can jump all over me, but I am staying away from the polls today.

There is no choice for Governor, and gets worse further down the ticket. I know Ken, he was my Delegate, but he is not the model for the kind of politician we want in the future.

He is unelectable because of what he tries to legislate. He also said he was not going to use the AG spot to run for Governor, but he did. So, I won’t won’t vote for any of them.

McAuliffe the carpetbagger will win thanks to the ability in Virginia for PACs to be able to coordinate their ads. We have been deluged with television ads against Cuccinelli, but I don’t think I’ve seen one ad that says what McAuliffe, who has never held elective office, would do for Virginians.

Aaargh! I am so frustrated.


Don’t worry, I won’t be too harsh! :slight_smile:

I agree that this is a pretty awful election that has very accurately been described as a “race to the bottom”. I agree Ken’s way too harsh, but the mere fact that he’s the only pro-life candidate has to count for something. Given the fact he’s the only one, I feel like my vote is forced to go to him.

Granted, I’m not all that happy about it, but I feel morally obligated to defend the unborn. Even if it means giving my vote to a candidate I don’t fully support.

Totally agree with you here! :smiley:


McAuliffe will win and it will be hailed as a validation of Obamacare, but let us not forget the very obvious, i,e that the trainwreck that is known as the Affordable Heathcare Act will not begin plunging over the cliff until next year.


It will definitely be an interesting election next year.

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