Terry Wogan

This topic may mean something to only those in the UK and Eire, but for the uninformed, Terry Wogan is a British radio personality on BBC Radio 2, who hosted Wake Up to Wogan, a show that aired from 7.30 to 9.30 AM, until his retirement last month. Listener to show where known as TOGs (Terry’s Old Geezers/ Gals) and TYGs (Terry’s Young Geezers/Gals). He was known for his gentle sense of humour.

So – here is the states I listened to him everyday since 2000 via the internet and really came to like the show. I know I’m not his only USA-ian listener to be sure.

Anyway – two things

First – if you are a TOG/ TYG – are you listening to Chris Evans? I know I won’t be. He made a dog’s dinner of drivetime after Johnny Walker and I expect more of the same at breakfast.

Second – I know that Terry was brought up Catholic, but I have heard him classed as anything from agnostic to atheist. He seems to not carry any prejudice against believers given his interactions with the presenters of Pause for Thought, so I can’t see him as atheist. He definitely from what read in ‘Is It Me’ his biography have some issues with the church. Any thoughts from anyone?

God bless


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