Tertiary Orders


Does anyone have any personal experience with this. I can search the interweb just fine for all the orders. I would just like to hear from people who have chosen to live the Gospel as a third order lay person.

My wife and I are feeling pulled to check these orders out. The one in particular we are researching is The Secular Franciscan Order of the USA.

Would appreciate anything anyone knows about them.

St. Clare is my wife's Patron Saint and St. Francis is mine, we have both had tremendous revelations in our lives while we have thus far attempted to follow in their footsteps. Thanks for the post ahead of time.



There are several threads related to this in the Vocations section. There is also a social group called "Franciscan Spirituality" that has an entire thread on questions related to SFO/OFS.

If you want to ask me specific questions, I am a professed member of SFO/OFS. Feel free to PM me or ask questions in one of those locations.

Just as an example of a place to start:
Thread on 3rd Order Franciscan vs. SFO

Franciscan Spirituality Social Group


You can find information about the various Secular/Third Orders and Oblates here:


Frances (Secular Discalced Carmelite)


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