Test calls - is this a sin?

I applied for a CS Evaluator through craigslist, which is basically calling CS centers from the perspective of a potential customer and fill out a form listing pros and cons of the conversation. I would like to do this for extra money (seems to be legit), but would it be a sin to call these centers and pretend I am a “homeowner”, etc?

I think it might depend on who you are working for and what their relationship is to the people you would be calling. I remember when I worked in food service we had what we called “shops” who were paid by the owners of the restaurant, and they were to order certain items and ask certain questions to test us on our service, and then they reported back to the owners. I would think something like this is a pretty standard quality assurance measure. If this is similar to that, then the people you are talking to know that occasionally they are going to get a caller who is testing them on their service, and may ask questions that don’t necessarily actually apply to you. It’s like acting.

If you were hired directly or indirectly by the company in question then this is just QA.

First, make sure you don’t pay to be an evaluator. :slight_smile: No money should ever go in that direction; also don’t accept any payments larger than your fee (like they want you to send them money back).

Second, think of it as ‘playing a part’. You are like a video camera/recorder who is just reporting what happened.

Third: volition.com

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