Testing People

One thing I enjoy doing is testing people’s knowledge. I’ll sometimes ask people questions that I know the answer to just to see if they also know the answer.

Now here’s where I’m confused: technically I’m deceiving them because I’ll pretend that I don’t know the answer. That would fall under lying. My intent is indeed odd though, as I am asking them so I can know if they know. I think that usually if they don’t know the answer I’ll tell them, but I could be wrong. I can’t really tell if this is Grave Matter because it is sort of a lie, but it doesn’t really seem like it’s a big deal? :confused:

This is not about lying, but about pride - even if you’re not directly showing off to the person. No, it’s not appropriate to pretend not to know something just to see if someone else knows it too. It’s a form of social manipulation. Just ask them straight up if it’s that important (I would venture most of the time it isn’t that important.)

If you like trivia, join a group or get together with friends for a game night. Or if your knowledge is about a few select subjects, join a group of people who share that interest with you.

I agree with the previous responder. This seems to be more an issue of pride. You are seeking out ways to display your own intelligence and awareness rather than hoinestly seeking to learn…not know but show.

I would worry more about that sin rather than the sin of lying, as pride can mislead you in a lot of other relationships. A good Priest who has passed once told me that when you have the temptation to talk about your own gifts, put the tip of your tongue against the roof of your mouth and ask God to relax it only if he wants you to speak.

He added that if you decide anyway to talk about your gifts, you sound more like a fool than a prince (ever try to say anything with you tongue touching the roof of your mouth??) :slight_smile:

Why do you enjoy testing people’s knowledge? To compare with your own (and usually find them coming up, um, short?)

You sound like you enjoy asking questions, so why not start up a group of people in a Trivial Pursuit or a Jeopardy type club? Then you can be the moderator or Alex Trebek and ask questions. You’ll still have the fun of ‘testing knowledge’ but instead of making yourself feel good that you know something they don’t know, you’ll be helping people expand their own knowledge. If you want to have even more fun, let somebody else be Alex and how about you competing with the others without having the answers in front of you? Who knows, you might be surprised that there are questions you don’t know the answer to yourself. . .

Just so you know, I’m notorious in my family for trying to outperform everybody in Jeopardy and Trivial Pursuit myself, so I have to guard against feeling too much pride also. So these suggestions are ones that I take up myself. Humility is something I desperately need more of!

Pensmama87 is correct as is the other poster. Also, you are vain-gloryish, basking in your superior intellect. Your heading for a fall with this attitude and need to stand in front of your mirror and ask yourself, “What can I do to be more humble and Christ-like?” You have a lot to learn yet and I am afraid that some of your lessons will come hard-earned. Peace and prayers.

I doubt it’s grave matter, but I agree that you’re doing this to feed your ego in a way that isn’t healthy. If you enjoy trivia just for fun, there are lots of places/groups for you to pursue that with likeminded people.

T seems to me to come down to motive. Recall Jesus with the two on the road to Emmaus. “Where are you going? What are you talking about? What things?” He knew the answers but process their experience, think through it. It was a ministry. Always gott to watch the pride though. We aren’t Jesus.

Thanks for the replies! To be honest, I’m not exactly sure why I do this or what my intentions are. I’m not trying to feel smart or better than people. I guess it’s really just something I do. I do lots of things without thinking. :shrug:

I guess I’ll put it like this: it’s kind of fun? :confused:

Why not start going to trivia events? I know the young adult group at my parish meets regularly for Bible study/adoration and afterwards goes out to a local pub for dinner/drinks/trivia night. You’d probably really enjoy something like that

Why do you need to test them? Why do you need to know if they know the answer–what do you gain? What is the purpose? Why do you enjoy it? We all have areas where we are knowledgeable and areas where we are not–how would you feel if the table were turned? Are you trying to make people feel inferior? Do these questions flow naturally from the conversation you are having or do you just ask them out to the blue?

The peace of Christ,

Nothing wrong with finding trivia fun. Jeopardy has been on the air for years for a reason, after all. But why not go to trivia events where you can do it with likeminded people who are also in on the game, as opposed to randomly grilling coworkers?

I’ve done this before. Not out of pride, or to be egotistical. I’ve done this for no reason really, lol it’s hard to explain. I like hearing what peoples opinions or answers are in general, and seeing peoples diverse point of views, I’ve always been kind of a problem solver and critical thinker type. Usually the times this has happened to me where someone had a different answer to the one I knew to be right, I will go research the topic again and see if I missed anything because a lot of times people can teach other’s wrongful information and who’s to say my info was not wrong? Sometimes we are taught one thing, but not another or some tidbits are left out or we fall victim to bias. If then the answer I knew to be right, was indeed the correct answer then I would try to understand why perhaps the other person came to their conclusion.

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