Texas appeals ruling to reveal source of execution drugs


District Judge Darlene Byrne has ordered Texas to reveal the source of its execution drugs. The state plans to appeal the ruling.

A shortage of its preferred lethal injection drugs forced Texas to turn last year to bespoke supplies from compounding pharmacies, which are often lightly regulated. When an Associated Press article revealed the name of a compounding pharmacy in suburban Houston that was providing pentobarbital for use in Texas executions, the pharmacy asked for its drugs back. Texas refused.

Boycotts led by European manufacturers have meant that other states have struggled to find execution drugs in recent years, but Texas, the nation’s most prolific modern-era executioner, has continued to locate supplies of compounded pentobarbital.


Well, they can always resort to the use use of a firing squad if others wish to be that way. :shrug:


Or they (we??) could–get ready for this-- just let everybody breathe!


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