Texas Drops Planned Parenthood From HIV Prevention Program


Amid an ongoing battle over Planned Parenthood’s participation in the state Medicaid program, Texas health officials are cutting off funding to a Planned Parenthood affiliate for an HIV prevention program.

In a notice received by Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast late Monday, an official with the Department of State Health Services informed the Houston-based provider that it would not renew its contract for HIV prevention services.

The long-standing grant, which funds HIV testing and prevention services, was set to expire on Dec. 31, according to the notice which was obtained by The Texas Tribune.



well, planned parenthood does tell people they should NOT disclose if they are HIV positive…so I am glad Texas took this step.

The best ways to prevent HIV infection:

  1. Abstinence, one partner only, no sleeping around
  2. No sharing of needles
  3. Blood donations should be scanned for any signs of possible infection.

And no, condoms do not protect - the HIV virus is small enough to get through those holes.


Good, with more and more states cutting off their funding, they will be slowly starved to death and will not be able to engage in their more nefarious activities.


Well, not so much. It’s a little more complicated than that, especially if you are born with HIV. Here is a site from the CDC that may be helpful.



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