Texas ex-cop Roy Oliver convicted of murdering unarmed teen Jordan Edwards


Did we discuss thiscase when it was first reported?



The CAF search tool is in good working order, and shows no results containing the names Roy Oliver (the officer), Jordan Edwards (the unarmed teen who was shot dead), or Balch Springs (where it happened).

So the answer to your question appears to be No.

Any other questions?


Let us pray for all who are affected. May Jordan Edwards rest in peace in the glorious presence of God. May the Lord comfort his family. May the Lord show mercy to Roy Oliver. May the world be healed of senseless violence.


I had surmised as much form my own use of the search tool. But is not a prefect instrument in my experience, so I thought I would ask posters about their recollections. But thank you for reminding us all about the search tool.

Of course. Why do you ask?


Seems like the verdict is in and case closed, though the courts may revisit it in appeals. I was wondering if there is anything left to discuss in a Catholic forum, such as issues of morality or justice.


Do you think that on this forum a court verdict is sufficient to close the debate on issues of morality or justice?


Not at all. Just looking for the debatable issues here.


I think that you found them.


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