Texas executes Mexican National


(Reuters) - Texas executed by lethal injection on Wednesday a Mexican citizen who was convicted of bludgeoning a man to death and repeatedly raping the man’s wife.

Ramiro Hernandez, 44, was pronounced dead at 6:28 p.m. CDT at the Texas state death chamber in Huntsville after receiving a dose of lethal drugs, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice said.


In January, an illegal alien who killed a police officer was executed as well.

Huntsville, Texas (CNN) – A last-ditch push to keep a convicted cop killer alive failed Wednesday night when the U.S. Supreme Court denied a motion to stay his execution.

Edgar Tamayo Arias, a Mexican national, was executed at 9:32 p.m. CT, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice said.




Dont mess with Texas, I guess.


I’m not sure what the point is? Most executions, in any state, are of US citizens.


Pretty horrifying crimes.

May God have mercy on their souls.


Equally horrifying to execute someone. The death penalty is barbaric.



“Because there’s not a day that goes by in this country that there isn’t at least one American citizen that dies at the hands of someone who’s unlawfully present in the United States, whether it is an act of homicide or it’s an act of willful manslaughter, whether it’s an [Operating While Intoxicated] in the streets of America, hardly anybody has gone through the last 10 years and doesn’t at least show that up in their local newspaper, if it doesn’t show up in their neighborhood. And so Steve King’s not dead wrong. Let’s keep more Americans alive.”- Representative Steve King, Iowa

I heard a rancher this morning from Arizona, the days of gardeners and maids coming over is not so much the case anymore, what goes on at the border is often human trafficking and other smuggling. Yes, if our immigration system has flaws, fix it or enforce the laws we have.

I don’t know if Steve King is correct, he has said this a few times but I doubt if it were a situation of Americans in Japan or England doing this, we’d just shrug “most murders in the UK are committed by UK citizens.”


I agree as did St John Paul II, who said that execution is the very last resort.

The not-so-great state of Texas (where I am forced to stay due to poverty) leads the nation in legalized killing by far. They kill more people than the rest of the country combined.

Should not the man have been extradited back to Mexico?


Equally horrifying?

I can understand how you can be opposed to the death penalty in some situations, but to call the murder of the innocent equal to the execution of a dangerous person who was guilty of terrible crimes totally ignores the concept of justice.


If he killed a Mexican police officer, sure.


The man was a Mexican national, not an American.


But his crime was here in the US, not in Mexico. Why shouldn’t we punish him?


Saudi Nationals?


So was the Vatican “barbaric” to have it on the books until 1969?


Killing someone is horrifying. That’s the point.


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