Texas Governor Abbott Tells National Football League to Back Off from Threats Over Bathroom Bill


see chron.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Governor-Abbott-responds-to-NFL-s-bathroom-bill-10935631.php
There are strong legal efforts in the U.S. to require public places to freely allow transgender men, that is, men who self-identify as woman, to enter women’s restroom in public facilities, including girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms in schools. The National Football League, a powerful sports organization for American football, had just made a threatening statement to prevent the Texas legislature from passing a law that would keep biological males from entering the facilities of the opposite sex, saying it would be a consideration when deciding where to hold future events. Now, as this newspaper reports, the Governor of Texas has very strongly rebuked this organization for its move.


Good for him! I’m trying to wean myself off of the NFL.


Thank God. I can’t believe how drastically this country has changed around me just in my own lifetime. I feel like Lot in Sodom.


For the life of me, I cannot understand why the NFL wants to get into the middle of this debate?


When did using the restroom get to be so complicated? Men use Men’s restrooms and Women use Women’s restrooms. Simple


Gutsy! :thumbsup:


I was successful. Not one single minute in the 2016-17 season.


me too… I only watched the 2nd half of the Super Bowl.


Obviously, someone influenced someone in the NFL. This amounts to bullying. I will have to drop the NFL if they continue in this direction.



Same here.:frowning:


The NFL needs to lose its non-profit status. Threatening states with economic sanctions for what?



I’m done with the NFL.


Like all the elites, they either want to be able to say 80 years from now (assuming we aren’t under Russian, Chinese or Sharia rule) that “they were the first and just good and great as Harriet Tubman and Dr. King”.

That or they are just scared to death a bunch of people on twitter will start boycotting them.

Selfishness and fear. Terrible ways to live.


thank you Governor Abbott!


I think you are correct. They want to be recorded in the textbooks as being on the “right side of history”


Yes, the NFL is going to be on the right side of history and Gov. Abbott is going to be on the wrong side of history! :slight_smile:


I’d say their souls as they stand before God weigh far more than aplomb from message board posters who support ill-informed bathroom bills on a website that supposedly espouses Catholic values.


I don’t really think that God cares what restrooms transgender people use.


Probably doesn’t. Perhaps they should start taking their cues from God then and stop whining about it?


What’s that tired old line again? “He made them male and female” or is it “he made them capable of deciding male or female”?:shrug:

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