🗳 Texas governor orders only one mail ballot drop-off location allowed per county

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott ( R ) issued a new proclamation allowing only one mail ballot drop-off location per county.

Starting Friday, mail ballots submitted in person by eligible vote-by-mail voters must be returned to a publicly designated county voting clerk’s office, a local NBC affiliate KXAN reported.

The proclamation allows early voters only one ballot drop-off location per county, and other drop-off satellite locations will be closed.

Abbott’s proclamation will also require early voting clerks to let poll watchers monitor the locations and “observe any activity conducted at the early voting clerk’s office location related to the in-person delivery of a marked mail ballot.”

“As we work to preserve Texans’ ability to vote during the COVID-19 pandemic, we must take extra care to strengthen ballot security protocols throughout the state,” Abbott said. “These enhanced security protocols will ensure greater transparency and will help stop attempts at illegal voting.”

In Texas, mail-in voters who drop off their ballots must show a photo ID, sign a roster and deposit a sealed envelope into their designated county ballot box, the Statesman reported.

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa blasted the move in a statement, saying, “Governor Abbott and Texas Republicans are scared.”

And the voter suppression continues, and even accelerates.


Let me guess, the governor of Texas is Republican?


Nailed it in one! :100:

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Per county?! We will have several in the town of 70,000 in the state where I live.

How can it be vote suppression when they can still mail in the ballot though?

Drop off boxes are for people who don’t trust the mail or forgot to mail it in time and need to drop it off.


Distrust in the USPS may have declined within the past month or two.



Comments from the ideological left are predictable, if nothing else.

You know that this doesn’t stop people from mailing in their votes, right?


Or voting in person. Which in my opinion in person on election should be the only way to ever vote. If you can’t be there for whatever reason, well, sorry but that’s not our problem.


I wouldn’t trust those electrical voters you Americans use. I think I would trust mail in voting more, at least from a totally hypothetical point of view.

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Dunno. We’ve had a lot of instances of mail being found thrown away here recently. I don’t 100% trust the electronic system either though. Seems like a “rock and a hard place” kind of situation.

We use paper ballots where I live. They do get fed into a machine but saves the paper ballot so they can be checked against if needed.

Personally I’d be fine with going to a straight manual voting and vote counting process, and make the votes public.

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We use paper ballots where I live. They do get fed into a machine but saves the paper ballot so they can be checked against if needed.

I guess that’s better. In the UK we dump them into a big box and they get counted by hand.

Personally I’d be fine with going to a straight manual voting and vote counting process, and make the votes public.

That would probably be a more effective way to avoid fraud. It does seem pretty clear that the American electoral system is absolutely rife with electoral fraud, as well as less obviously crooked methods for swinging elections to the favour of each party. I don’t think an individual vote is worth much in the US - it probably isn’t in any democracy. I doubt voting is ever really worth doing.

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One of the things I think we should do is redraw and have set districts for offices instead of them being able to be redrawn every so many years so they can be rigged in the incumbents favor. It should be a set geographical boundary.

We’ve spoken about it before, I’m not much of a fan democracy in general but there are at least better ways to run it than what we do here now.

For in person voting, we use electronic machines. But they print out a QR code (for a physical record) and a receipt that the voter can use to verify their results were counted through a website.

However, every voting district is different. With the election a few months ago, in the county noth of my voting machines malfunctioned and could not be used. They ran out of provisional paper ballots. Some of the people standing in line to vote in person were there because their mail-in ballots did not arrive, and the wait time to vote was over 7 hours.

I prefer in person absentee voting in my county as the lines are not as long and one has choice for location.

They are not. Especially with the elaborate gerrymandering. Our elections are not a popularity contest.

Voters, voting rights groups sue Gov. Greg Abbott over order to close ballot drop-off locations

The Texas and National Leagues of United Latin American Citizens, the League of Women Voters of Texas and two Texas voters asked a federal judge in Austin in a lawsuit filed late Thursday to overturn the governor’s order, which forced Travis and Harris counties — two of the state’s most important Democratic strongholds — to shutter a number of drop-off sites they had already opened this week.

“The impact of this eleventh-hour decisions is momentous, targets Texas’ most vulnerable voters—older voters, and voters with disabilities—and results in wild variations in access to absentee voting drop-off locations depending on the county a voter resides in,” attorneys for the groups argued. “It also results in predictable disproportionate impacts on minority communities that already hit hardest by the COVID-19 crisis.”


This is pretty much a non-issue in Texas. Every post office box is still a ballot collection point. All this limits is the ability to procrastinate, then have a convenient drop off. Those who truly cannot travel simply have to treat the mail-in ballot like any other piece of mail.

It is so easy to vote here. The early voting is generous, 12 days long, 12 hours a day, with satellite locations from which you can choose which one is easiest to get to. This makes for short lines and safe voting. It has never taken me more that five minutes to get through to the voting machine.

I am ambivalent. I think cities should be able to have satellite drop offs, if they see it important, but I do not know why it should be. Simply set up enough early voting locations. It is easier than dropping off ballots, as one can do it over a 12 day period. I do not know if this would affect Democrats or Republicans more. Anyone could have gone to assisted care locations and “helped” those with little awareness of the world around them fill out a ballot. I do not think Democrats are more dishonest because they are Democrats.

The idea of “poll watchers” bothers me much more.

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