Texas Hispanics More Republican Than Other Hispanics


Texas Hispanics lean Democratic, but they are more likely to be Republican than Hispanics elsewhere in the country, according to a new Gallup poll.

Democrats hope that the state’s rapidly growing Hispanic population — now 38 percent of residents — will help them win the Republican-controlled state. But the poll suggests that the Lone Star State is likely to stay red.

“Texas remains a Republican-leaning state because its white residents are becoming increasingly Republican and its large Hispanic population, though solidly Democratic, is less so than Hispanics nationally,” the Gallup website says.



“What I do believe is Texas is going to be a Democrat state within 10 years if we don’t change,” Paul told the Harris County Republican Party on Saturday, according to Politico. “That means we evolve, it doesn’t mean we give up on what we believe in, but it means we have to be a welcoming party.”


Not sure about that number but Republicans in Texas shouldn’t be idle and think Texas will continue to stay Republican leaning.


A lot of business-minded people are moving to Texas.

We’ve been hearing this demographic narrative from the democrats now for what? 15, 20 years? Bush got 60% of the vote there in 2004, Romney and Cruz each got over 57% and Romney broke even with Obama in the Houston area.

The party of feminism, abortion, so-called gay “marriage”, free contraception on demand and less kids for the sake of career and climate :rolleyes: would do well to look to their own ranks before casting the “dying straight old white men” argument.

They like to talk about Hispanics, but if liberal Hispanics adopt the same left-wing values that their birth-rate will come down as well, and we’re already seeing it in Latin America, I’m sorry to say.

The problem is that conservatives have become too liberal. They’ve unfortunately bought into a lot of this nonsense about changing marriage and contraception, ect. But I’m not talking about establishment republican polices, I’m talking about the voters and the GOP base for not practicing what they preach or going lukewarm on their faith just like the left does.


This is only anecdotal, but many of the Hispanic people I know who live in/came from Texas have been there for generations, even before that area was part of the United States. If that’s the case for much of the Hispanic population there, that’s a markedly different situation than areas where the Hispanic population is newer due to recent immigration, and could play out in their political affiliations.


Well, folks who are well established may be more conservative about state issues because it’s where they live and where they invest in.

Even blue states in the northeast have that one down, which is why every state north of Maryland (including Vermont) has elected a GOP governor in the last 15 years. :thumbsup:

Hispanics are also in part a voting base for the GOP in Texas too.


Some polling has found that Hispanics born in America are more likely to be socially conservative than Hispanics who are foreign born:


USA Today from 2012:

Consider: On a list of a half-dozen issues, Latino registered voters who immigrated to the U.S. themselves rate immigration policies, a particular sore point with the GOP, as their highest priority. Latinos whose parents were born here rank immigration last.

In the USA TODAY survey, Latino registered voters who immigrated say by almost 5-to-1 that the government should do more to solve our country’s problems (a generally liberal view) rather than saying the government is trying to do too many things that should be left to individuals and businesses (a generally conservative view).

Among registered Hispanic voters who are the U.S.-born children of immigrants, that ratio narrows to nearly 2-1.

And among those whose parents were born in the U.S., the split is about even.

Still, Romney does twice as well among second-generation Latinos compared with immigrants. Among immigrant voters, just 18% support Romney. That number rises to 22% among the children of at least one immigrant parent and to 35% among Hispanics whose families have been in the U.S. for two generations or more.



Purely anecdotal, but of the many hispanics I know, only one is liberal/democrat, and I know a lot of hispanics. I know that doesn’t mean anything other than no one should paint hispanics with a broad brush.




Of those I know, and I know a fair number, the one hold the Dem party has with them is the potential benefits the welfare state has for some of them, but not all. But every Hispanic I know is a conservative in his heart. Almost all Hispanics I know are of Mexican origin. Nobody, but nobody hates taxes or looks down on those who don’t pull their weight more than a Mexican does. And absolutely nobody, white, brown or black, has more entrepreneurial instinct than they do. They despise even the most reasonable regulations limiting business activity. Just despise them.

But a lot of them somehow think the “rich white guy” is paying for the welfare state and bureaucracy that dribbles out a little to some of them here and there. What Repubs really need to do is make it clear to them that they’re getting looted just like the mythical rich “white guy” is.


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