Texas law professor: ‘Time to repeal and replace the Second Amendment’



Then she said, “I think I’m in agreement with you and, unfortunately, drastic times require drastic measures … I think the Second Amendment is misunderstood and I think it’s time today, in our drastic measures, to repeal and replace that Second Amendment.”

Penrose also said that the U.S. Constitution was antiquated and needs to be redrafted to accord with modern times.

“Do I think this is going to happen? No. Do I think it’s a better solution than the legislative response? Absolutely,” she said.

I haven’t posted a link here since last year…but I thought this was just too mind-blowing to pass up for the posters here to comment on.


It’s from 5 days ago, but I don’t think it has been re3ferenced to here, either…

Sadly, not at all unusual, either.

This professor is merely articulating the thoughts and feelings of a LOT of people in this country—mostly of the Left.

And also sad…this might actually come to pass, regardless of the Professor’s assesment.

More steps to a totalitarian, Godless society, folks…

More steps…


Throught the prayers of the Mother of God, have mercy on us and save us.


Please feel free to comment.


I have to disagree with you here…they’re all from the left! :wink:

Peace, Mark


Don’t know about that, Mark…there ARE some supposedly “pragmatist” and “liberal” Republicans (i.e., Lincoln Chafee) who might be “open” to this…:blush::shrug:


Yep! As I said…from the left!

Peace, Mark


OK. :):stuck_out_tongue:


Definitely on the left. I recently gave my sister who is east coast all the way a copy of the US Constitution. She would NOT ever look at it! claimed no longer relevant!!!:eek:


From Texas? TEXAS?


Then she and "You can keep your insurance " Obama, would be in agreement.


Yeah, I think that’s the part of this that surprises me the most…


:D:D:D Is she from (liberal) Maryland…like…um…coughcough…me? :o

Peace, Mark


I’m a Republican. And while I beleive there is a place for the 2nd amendment, I do feel that local areas should have the right to gun control if the police believe it will help.

Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. But guns make it easier to kill more people in a shorter amount of time. Especially machine guns and semi-automatic guys. Someone going postal with a semi-automatic in Times Square would be much uglier than someone going postal with a regular rifle or hand gun (or knife).

Northern states have one thing that most Southern States do not have… Townships. States with townships have more local police than states without them. Having lived in one area where my local police was the State police and now living where I have a local police (Township) police department, I feel the difference.

One nut job is just one nut job. But one nut job at an NFL game or MLB baseball game is very scary. Populated areas have more nut jobs. Even if the % is still the same, the fact that you have more nut jobs means more nut jobs.

Food for thought.


Ha! guns.com :slight_smile:

I’m surprised this person was from Texas A&M and not UT-Austin.


Gotta love how progressives always justify their ideas ushered in by more government control.


Thank goodness for the NRA! Ban semi-automatic guns? That encompasses a wide variety of weapons! Let’s see here…Criminals armed with anything they want…while I’m left with a pop gun…something the government decides on to boot!..Nope, don’t think so!

Peace, Mark


People who attack the second amendment are attacking an established civil right, they are no better than the hate mongers who bash other races and religions. Someone like this needs to be pressured to quit or his superiors need to be pressured to fire him.




Explain to me how a gun-less society (or a society with less guns) in any way contributes to a Godless society. Do you equate guns with God?? More guns is somehow more God-like? Or are you suggesting that we will all need guns so as to be more Christ-like in the face of rampant totalitarianism?


In a perfect world there would be no need for guns. Unfortunately that’s not the case. Disarming the public only allows for more government control and less personal safety. Criminals, who will just obtain firearms illegally, will be able to more easily harm the unarmed. People can rob homes knowing that the owner is unarmed. Arms smuggling and the black market created by these may even increase crime.


Texas has it’s share of liberals, just look at Austin. The city motto is Keep Austin Weird.


This woman is from a 2-bit law school that just recently changed its name. It doesn’t even rank in comparison to law schools across the country.

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