Texas law professor: ‘Time to repeal and replace the Second Amendment’


Most people calling for those bans have no idea what a semiautomatic weapon even is.

Too many American Hollywood movies…:rolleyes:


Didn’t “liberal” originally stand for someone in favor of political freedom and free institutions? Or has time redefined the word?




Never surprised where you might find the prime examples of christianity. Yep, amazing:thumbsup:


The reason why gun control laws don’t work is because criminals break laws. In fact, it was crime bosses who first wanted gun control.

Telling someone your town doesn’t have guns is like telling the world no one is at home and the doors are unlocked.


As Rush Limbaugh once said “today’s liberals would have been yesterday’s Tories”.

Not because they are against war, but because they wanted to be close to elitism and get their crumbs from the kings table.


And not even Austin. :eek: Of course she got her JD from Pepperdine. :rolleyes:




Sure :). I’d help pass a 28th amendment that repealed the 2nd amendment and also banned abortion. We can call it the “Preservation of Life Amendment.” Somehow I don’t think that would be quite as supported though…


I’m back-----it’s actually a SHE-------

But otherwise, I DO agree there should be some public condemnation of her…maybe not firing (free speech and all of that)-----but condemnation.

The fact that this has not gotten more press shows the degree to which the media tacitly agrees with this.




Double Yup. :slight_smile:


I, too, would go for that one…:thumbsup::thumbsup:


If they ever do manage to change the Constitution, and update it, that is the final nail in the US coffin, but I doubt this will ever happen…out in the open anyways, They are already circumventing the constitution with many of the laws they create today, but it is done very silently and slowly so not to shock the population too much at once, if it is done slowly and methodically over years, they could change our whole system over to a communist nation and no one would notice, or they would call it by a different name and claim it is this and not that…blah, blah, blah…Point is they are not stupid, they know how to get what they want, even if its illegal, or against the constitution, They can be very sneaky with changing words, changing meanings of certain words, etc.

If anyone is interested, you can Google topics like this and you will get an eye opener with whats really taking place in the US in modern times!


And the meaning of that statement IS, pray tell ??? :confused::confused:


You do make a good point…for example-----the preferred term for Gun Control is currently “Gun Safety.” :rolleyes::stuck_out_tongue:

And yes, it is being done in subtle, private ways…

God help our country.


Extreme gun banning people like this Professor often (not always, but often) tend to also be secularly and atheistically oriented as well.

Again----not always, but often.



Much different cultures. I don’t think it would be the same here.


The country also has a strong shame-based culture, which frowns on dishonor and wrongdoing.

Our country, of course, does not.

Big difference.:o:thumbsup:


Is it not possible?


“We do not need guns and bombs to bring peace, we need love and compassion.”
Mother Teresa, from The Joy in Living, A Guide to Daily Living.

“We are saddened by incidences of gun violence in our nation this week, particularly the shooting at the Navy Yard in Washington D.C. Once again, these events underscore the danger of not dealing with the proliferation of firearms among the general population.”
Sean Cardinal O’Malley, from his blog 20 Sep 2013

“The unfettered access to assault weapons and handguns, along with the glorification of violence in our “entertainment” industry… is really all part of a culture of death”
Timothy Cardinal Dolan, quoted in this article, which also suggests a repeal of the second amendment:


Now I know America Magazine is run by the Jesuits, the order to which our Holy Father also belongs. Some will say they are too liberal to be taken seriously, but they can hardly be considered atheistic or Godless.

Advocates of gun control are indeed not always secularly and atheistically oriented, right you are! People who hold the second amendment up alongside the Bible as some sort of sacred text are just as mistaken as the secular atheists. Gun-less does not in any way equal Godless.

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