Texas man in Austin rampage was 'homegrown, American extremist'


Larry McQuilliams, the Texas man who was killed by police after he shot more than 100 rounds into buildings in Austin and tried to burn down the Mexican consulate, was a “homegrown, American extremist” who held held extreme rightwing views, officials said on Monday.

Austin’s police chief, Art Acevedo, called McQuilliams a “terrorist” in a Monday press conference.

Investigators said McQuilliams had ammunition, weapons and a gas mask in a van he had parked outside a police station. A list of 34 other targets marked on a map were also found in the van, along with a book called Vigilantes of Christendom.

The 1990 book introduced the concept of the white supremacist group Phineas Priesthood, according to the Anti-Defamation League. The ADL said the group sought to avenge “crimes” committed against the white race and “has been adopted or popularised by some of the country’s most radical racists and has provided a religious justification for acts of domestic terrorism”.

A handwritten note found inside McQuilliams’s copy of the book referred to the gunman as a “priest in the fight against anti-God people”.


Why is dividing people by race only rightwing when white people attempt to do it? Nobody seems to get too spooled up when Obama, Sharpton, or Jackson do it. Note, I’m not advocating dividing people along racial lines, but I fear that as American society turns more secular, tribal culture will replace religious culture resulting in more actions like this and what we’ve seen in Ferguson.


Also odd how the left wing extremist views held by the majority of spree shooters aren’t emphasized… just portrayed as having mental illness.


Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo is a liberal against the 2nd Amendment rights of U.S. citizens. Gun control is his only objective and he will exploit any tragedy for his own gain.


I am sure we will soon find out he liked Tea-obviously indicating he was a member of the Tea Party. I wonder if the Obama Administrations will classify this as work-place violence?


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