Texas man posts message to cyber bullies after teen brother's suicide


A San Antonio man hopes his 16-year-old brother’s death by suicide will open people’s eyes to a new age of bullying young kids are facing.

In an emotional post, Cliff Molak described the “tangible pain” his younger brother, David, went through before his untimely death.

“In today’s age, bullies don’t push you into lockers, they don’t tell their victims to meet them behind the school’s dumpster after class, they cower behind user names and fake profiles from miles away constantly berating and abusing good, innocent people,” wrote Molak in a Jan. 6 Facebook post that has been shared nearly 14,000 times.

Molak explained how the tragedy was “set into motion” by a boy and a group of fellow students.

“Things got so bad, people were starting to say, ‘We’re going to put him six feet under. You’re going to put him in a body bag,’” Molak told San Antonio affiliate KENS.

In one incident, a group of eight students apparently added David to a group text to make fun of him, kicking him out two minutes later, Molak described on Facebook.



, ‘We’re going to put him six feet under. You’re going to put him in a body bag,’

It’s just bullying. Those sound like threats to me.


Truley tragic. I was a victim of bullying in school. But the news article is extremely vague. How was this related to the bullying? How did he die? Could he have avoided social media?


If this was purely a cyber issue, than surely he could have blocked the people who were bullying him or just avoided social media…


Sadly that wasn’t the case. According to another news outlet (linked to in the original article) it began at school and bled into social media. He eventually transferred to another school, but it didn’t stop there. They continued bullying him on social media and somehow acquired his cellphone number. A constant barrage of bullying for 8 months. Very sad and I hope the bullies are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


How could they have stopped the bullying!? If only there was some sort of button that would have stopped it… If only there was some way to not be on social media. I know that bullying is never excusable but geesh. Parents switched schools and phone numbers!? I’d be protecting my kid from s threat ( bullying) that might claim thier life.
But then again we don’t have Facebook and we homeschool…


8 months is a long time and I probably wouldn’t have allowed it to go that long without bringing charges against them, but where are the parents of the bullies who allowed their kids to do this?


As a teacher of young children i have seen cyber bullying among the class.

It is particularly difficult when the recipient of the bullying is trying really hard to be part of the group and is very sensitive in nature.

It is also difficult for the school to know how to get involved when the ‘cyber bullying’ is done outside of school times and property but the complaints are made to the school.

I think it is often a case of a certain lack of maturity all round.


I’m sure that as a son of the 1900s, I’m missing something, BUT!

How can it possibly be so difficult for a highschooler to just turn off social media?

Is school now such that you can’t go to it without Facebook!!!



Well said, and I too hope the bully is punished as well. This is so sad to read and a real tragedy.


Even if that one person turns off social media, every one else around them is on it.

Terrible situation.


In that case, more people than the original cyberbullies are involved, and should be likewise called to account.



I hope the students who participated in bullying this teenager realize they will be living with this the rest of their lives. I hope this case will be investigated and charges will be filed if the prosecutor finds evidence of criminality.


I think it’s more that cyberbullying doesn’t just involve privately messaging someone. If threats and insults are put on a public blog then they still exist and can be seen by anyone, even if you turn the computer off.

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