Texas Megachurch to Give Out Cars, TVs at Easter Services

Easter at a megachurch in Corpus Christi, Texas, will look like the popular TV game show “The Price Is Right.”

Sixteen cars, 15 flat-screen televisions, furniture sets and other prizes are lined up at Bay Area Fellowship Church and ready to be claimed by anyone who attends the church’s Easter services on Sunday.

Though the church of some 7,000 weekly attendees has regularly flexed its creative muscles to draw the unchurched, the upcoming “Ultimate Giveaway” is like no other outreach it has ever attempted.

Pastor Bil Cornelius, who made the game show analogy, admits it’s a bit “outrageous.”


This is just incredibly sad. Buried eight graphs down in the story:

The “ultimate” giveaway, however, will be the free gift of heaven and Christ.

Gee, thanks for remembering.

I don’t know these guys’ theology in particular, but I know for a lot of evangelical types (and this is a common view among evangelicals and Baptists in Texas) that if a person just prays the prayer of acceptance (“Jesus, I accept you into my heart as my personal Lord and Savior” or the equivalent) then that person has been born again and gained Heaven.

So I think a big thing is just getting the person into church and getting them saved.

I don’t know if that’s the idea here, but it’s a very common idea in these parts.

Thank you for reminding me why I converted to Catholicism.

[quote="Angels_Unaware, post:4, topic:193283"]
Thank you for reminding me why I converted to Catholicism.



I suppose that we can always hope that this stunt will bring some lost soul to church and that it could change his way of life. He may not win the car or the tv but maybe he will see that Christ is the way.

That is what I hope anyway. Although I am always glad that I can make it Mass everyday and win something even bigger and better than a car or TV, I know that there are many many out there who don't even know that.

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