Texas mom shoots man trying to take car with her kids inside at gas station: 'I hope that woke him up'


Texas mom shoots man trying to take car with her kids inside at gas station: 'I hope that woke him up’

By Katherine Lam | Fox News July 5th, 2018

A Texas mother said she didn’t think twice about shooting a would-be carjacker when the man jumped into her vehicle at a Dallas gas station while her two sons were in the backseat. . . .

. . . “I’m not a killer but I do believe in defending what’s mine,” the mother of two said. “I hope that woke him up.”

Wright was arrested and taken to the hospital for treatment. He is expected to face charges including kidnapping and the unauthorized use of a motor vehicle or carjacking.

Booker-Hicks and her children were not injured in the incident.


was she inside the store? did she leave the car running with her two kids in the backseat? or the doors unlocked?

i know it is a hassle taking the kids in and out of the car seat when you go pay for gas, but leaving them in an unlocked car is not safe.


7_Sorrows . . .

was she inside the store? did she leave the car running with her two kids in the backseat?

Good questions.

She MAY have been at a nearby pay window?
Keys clearly in the car. Was it running? I can’t tell but probably not with her getting gas (but I cannot say for sure).

Here is another perspective on the same story . . .

Police said Ricky Wright, 36, got into Booker-Hicks’ SUV Wednesday night in a gas station parking lot. In the vehicle’s backseat were her 2- and 4-year-old sons.

Booker-Hicks said she was paying for her gas when she saw Wright jump into her SUV. She got into the vehicle and told him to leave. He refused.

“I reached over the armrest to get my glove compartment and that’s when I fired at him once I got the gun from my glove compartment,” she said.

Wright was struck in the head. He ran the vehicle off the road, crashing it into a telephone pole.

He was hospitalized in serious but stable condition . . .


She probably left the car running with the AC for the kids after pumping the gas. I bet she brings the kids into the store next time though.


I had the same thought.

Certainly, the mom did the best she could in the situation, and that’s good. And I don’t want to pass judgment on her. But I do have to wonder about leaving your children in a car that is unlocked, with the keys in the ignition, and a gun in the glove compartment. Even if she didn’t want to take the kids out of the car (which I understand, because it takes just a minute to go and pay), she could have at least locked the door and had the keys with her. Of course, hindsight is 20/20.

It’s just engrained in me to never leave my car unlocked. I lock it and have the keys with me even while I am just pumping the gas, let alone going inside to pay. But I know other people have different sensibilities depending on where they live and how they were raised. I was raised to be distrustful. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


he got into the back seat with the kids, so I’m not clear on his intent or next actions. He didn’t get in the driver’s seat.

The mom saw it happen so she seemed to be paying attention to her children


That’s the scenario behind a lot of the attempted and successful car thefts that I know about local to where I live, even with pay at the pump. Call me a little paranoid, but I tend to fill up with the assumption that someone is going to try to jump in my car. So for me it’s engine off, doors locked, car immobilizer on, and (possibly over the top) verbal rebukes to anyone that attempt to approach me from behind.


That’s crazy. I do the same though, always lock my door when I step out.


I don’t think so…how did he crash the car into a telephone pole if he wasn’t in the driver’s seat?


Yeah, I’ve heard of people opening a door, grabbing a bag, and running off.

Not quite the same scenario but coming off an exit I know an instance of a lady that had her window down. Some kids were allegedly collecting money for their school sports team and one kid reached in her passenger window and took her purse. She jumped out to chase him and the other kids jumped in her car and drove off.


My mistake, i thought I read ‘he’ got in the back seat. Yes, he was driving the vehicle.


i thought it confusing too that he allowed her to reach her arm across the armrest to the glove compartment and pull her gun out. wouldn’t he have tried to wrestle the gun away from her?

i did not realize they had left the parking lot.


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