Texas mosque destroyed in early-morning blaze;







Terrible! :frowning:


Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you. Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now, and at the hour of our death. Amen.


Our local mosque was burned by an arsonist as well. Some sick and ignorant people in the world. :frowning:


May the Lord have mercy, and call all involved to true conversion.

Our Father…

Hail Mary…

Glory be…


A door has been opened that will be hard to close now. This was, sadly, predictable,


:frowning: I hope they can find out who the arsonists are and their motives before assumptions are made and accusations leveled.

Certainly not the right thing to do regardless of their views.

God Bless

Thank you for reading


I think if it does come to be a matter of arson that those who burned it down the mosque should be persecuted to the full extent of the law. In, America we have the right to religious freedom, and that includes not having our places of worship destroyed.


I agree we can’t jump to conclusions, do we even have proof this was arson? However, I think no one would be surprised that IF it was arson it was motivated by anti-Muslim sentiment.

Hopefully IF that is the case everyone would agree this was wrong, instead of stating something like “well at least the arsonist didn’t burn PEOPLE like those Islamists do” to minimize the severity.


This is predictable because this same Mosque was targeted a few years ago. The door was already opened. What’s new is that this Moscue is receiving national coverage, perhaps the media stirring this up on a national level is what will make incidents like this spread.


When anti Muslim events occur people are in tears.

Yet other groups are constantly being perse uted by Muslims yet no one complains. :shrug:


May God be with them and may God Bless them…

Our Father…

Hail Mary…

Glory Be…


When have Muslims constantly persecuted other groups in the USA? I missed that news.


Are you accusing the other posters of not caring when things are done to christians? You think you are the only one who cares what happens to our fellow christians?

We care about ALL people, not just christians.:mad:


Ahh, I was expecting to see a post like this. It seems people here will combust if they don’t mention that other groups besides Muslim are oppressed too.

My response: Really? Nobody complains? Have you not been on CAF at all? Have you not seen the multiple threads on Muslims, and how they are persecuting others? We don’t have to keep paying attention to ourselves. We are not self centred.


Virtue signalling again.

Turns out it was also a congregation member who set the fire. Why am I not surprised?


The attempts to tie this unfortunate event with Trump’s irresponsible executive order is also an act of irresponsibility. The investigation is not done. These quick labelling of unfortunately events as hate crimes has consequences. The media can quit whinging about why the general public has become sceptical of what they do when a bunch of them wrote headlines trying to link the two together.

Is there a link you could provide?


Please post the link to the article where police confirm this. I couldn’t find it.


I could not find it too.

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