Texas officially kicking Planned Parenthood out of Medicaid


*After more than a year of delays, Texas is officially kicking Planned Parenthood out of the state’s Medicaid program.

In a move that could affect thousands of low-income women, state health officials on Tuesday delivered a final legal notice to defund the organization from the Medicaid program through which it provides family planning and women’s health services to the poor. Planned Parenthood had previously received $3.1 million in Medicaid funding, but those dollars will be nixed in 30 days, according to the notice which was obtained by The Texas Tribune.

That cut-off day will only be delayed if the organization appeals the state’s decision in the next 15 days by requesting an administrative hearing with the Texas Health and Human Services Commission. But Planned Parenthood officials say they will instead turn to the courts to block the cuts.*


Glad to hear it, hope it sticks.

Thanks for sharing it.

Way to go! Not wanting to hurt poor women who are in dire straits but there are other means to help other than abortion and selling baby parts to the highest bidder…

Women, go to the churches. They will help you or put you on the path for help… please.

Way to go Texas!

But what about atheist women? Will the churches help even if they are atheist?

When I was younger and had no insurance I went to Planned Parenthood for basic health screenings like screening for cervical cancer. Being an atheist I was not sure if I could trust the churches or not.

Religious hospitals never turn anyone away and don’t check your religion (or lack thereof) at the door. There is no reason to believe that an atheist would not receive the same quality of care at a religious hospital as a Christian, Jew, Muslim, etc.

You can trust the churches. They are not trying to convert you. They truly want to help YOU and YOUR child. They will help you get to places that will HELP you… Non-judgmentally.

Now let’s kick it out of the country. :thumbsup:

Way to decrease access to birth control and ensure undesired pregnancies and more abortion, Texas!

Rock On!

Aren’t there other places for women to go for birth control? They need to go to PP? That’s the only place?

There are other places for them to go for REAL health care.

It’s observations like this that make me want to beg Christians who tend to hold to more historical theological stances. Take a closer look at the unhealthy organic relationship between contraception and abortion. It’s not a Christian practice, and it’s been around since BC.

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