Texas school district to use paddling as punishment


What to folks think of this? I find it sad and frightening that this would be accepted, especially what we know about child development.


I think it’s wrong.


The negative effects of corporal punishment cited by critics are attached to prolonged and excessive use of the punishment.

Occasional use for serious behavioral issues can be appropriate because a time-out or suspension may not work to correct behavior in some children.


I wouldn’t send my kids there.


My 5th grade teacher, at a Catholic school in Texas, used a paddle. At the time, I thought it was pretty cool. My Mom didn’t. After she learned of it, the very next fall my siblings and I attended a different Catholic school.


My kids would not be enrolled in that district.


My mother-in-law managed to keep control of kids from some of the roughest districts of an industrial city in Eastern Russia for over 40 years as a teacher without ever using such methods as they are absolutely forbidden in Russia. Indeed when I told her they were still in use when I was a small kid she reacted with horror.


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