Texas School Punishes Boy for Opposing Homosexuality


         Sometimes I think I'd rather live in an Islamic country then what I see the USA becoming.

This is all spelled out in the bible ( in many different places) when societies turn from God. Values get inverted: right becomes wrong and wrong becomes right.

Afghanistan has a very old tradition of ‘dancing harem’ boys, that is still very popular today. Traditionally actually, Islamic societies have been rather tolerant of homosexual relationships. It was European influence in the Victorian era that “westernized” attitudes into what they are today.

Not unless you’re Islamic. In many Islamic countries, following Christ is an offense punishable by death…unless your goal is to become a martyr for the faith, reconsider!

Be careful what you wish for check out what is happening in France


I know what you’re trying to say. But… to be blunt/ straightforward: an Islamic state and a Catholic state are 2 very different things. I would offer some words to the common ground, but I cannot tolerate the views of Islam. I think their beliefs on homosexuality and abortion are repugnant. Basically, gays are executed for being gay, and abortion is still completely allowable in matters of the life of the mother, rape, or incest.

That being said. I sympathize with you. It is hard to live in secularized, (sexualized) democracy where the will of the people has been to take away the values and principles it was built on from Christianity and replace them with relativism, multiculturalism, and atheism. (IE: belief in everything is belief in nothing).

Please, I encourage you to look at this thread I made a while back:

Darryl, you’d fully enjoy it as well, I think. :tiphat:

I have no moral objection to homosexual sex but i defend the right of people to say that it is wrong. I hope those upset by this case also defend the right of people to say it is ok. What would have happened to a boy saying ‘I think homosexual sex is wonderful’ in a Catholic school? Nothing, I hope. But I fear I am wrong.

Even in the US, free speech is not unlimited. You cannot shout fire in a crowded place, and you cannot de-fraud people or make false police reports.

Saying that homosexual behavior is good is totally wrong. It is wrong on many levels. The main problem is that heterosexuals have debased marital activity to the point that they cannot see this.

And any student who says that any sort of sexual activity outside of marriage (between members of opposite sexes) is good, all right, or anything other than objectively mortally sinful should definitely be punished.

Sounds to me like the teacher has an obvious agenda-driven one-track mind and needs to be thrown out on his tuchis. He has no business teaching 9th graders.

Sort of makes one nostalgic for the days when teachers only freaked out and confiscated the Bibles that students brought to read on their lunch hours, doesn’t it? I call for a separation of school and sex.

I have a moral objection to homosexual activity precisely because it is wrong and shouldn’t be celebrated as another form of normal.

Hear, hear! :thumbsup:

My point was not that I would want to live in an Islamic society, but that eventually it might become more preferable to one that promotes abortion, homosexuality, promiscuity, immodesty, euthanasia, etc. And right now that certainly appears to be where the once “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave” headed.

Coming to a town near you… unless you act now. Elections matter.

Yeah, I agree that teacher shouldn’t be teaching and he needs to be removed if his behaviour doesn’t change.

I am an (almost!) teacher in elementary schools and one of the areas I study deals a lot with student rights when it comes to religion. This student had every right to say what he wanted the only thing he could possibly be faulted for is the TIME of it. If he said this in the middle of lecture he could face punishment for “speaking out of turn and causing class disruption” which is NOT a suspendable offense. My guess is this was the platform they used for discipline. I am SO glad his family got a lawyer to defend him.

Now, if a teacher confiscates a bible, or you hear of it. PLEASE. REPORT. IT. That is HIGHLY illegal.

You’re sick man!

You are entitled to your point of view, but you are not entitled to use the force of institutions against people, especially young and vulnerable people, who disagree with you. Freedom of speech is important, and upholding the right of a to disagree is important. Remember that we are talking here of a private conversation.

You may be right. But if this is the sort of thing you say to people who uphold the right of people of your opinion to express it, it is no wonder the Church is becoming more and more marginalised as a credible moral authority.

The truth cannot change. The Church has no authority to change the truth. The Church stands as a beacon for moral goodness. Any rejection comes from human pride.

[quote=" Hokomai] I have no moral objection to homosexual sex but i defend the right of people to say that it is wrong. I hope those upset by this case also defend the right of people to say it is ok. What would have happened to a boy saying ‘I think homosexual sex is wonderful’ in a Catholic school? Nothing, I hope. But I fear I am wrong.

You hope nothing? That isn’t merely disagreeing with the Church, and it certainly isn’t merely the freedom of expression.
It is heresy, and by that I mean that to say that is opposing Jesus Christ who is the Lord of all Creation. SUBMIT TO YOUR LORD AND MASTER!!! I don’t need to tell you that opposition to Jesus Christ isn’t going to end well for you. [BIBLEDRB]Romans 1:20[/BIBLEDRB]

Furthermore, the Catholic Church is the only source of moral authority on Earth. Every other institution, every other ideology will fade, but only the Catholic Church is loosed in Heaven. It’s beliefs alone will last into eternity. People may not listen to it on Earth, but there are no other sources of moral authority. It isn’t marginalized in that respect.

Hear hear! :tiphat:

Yes, I am not a believer, and I see nothing wrong with homosexuality. This thread was whether someone of similar opinion (the teacher) was right to impose his views using the power of his institution on a young Christian. I say he was wrong to do this. I also say that in an equivalent situation where the views of the teacher and pupil were reversed, action against the pupil would be similarly wrong. In other words, I support freedom of opinion and speech. I’m happy to debate whether there are limits to this. In fact, I think there are. But these depend on wide agreement and you do not have this in the case of homosexuality. Your views are opposed to democracy and freedom. I do not say that this makes them necessarily wrong, since I also believe in restrictions on democracy and freedom. But extending these restrictions to prohibition of uttering words in disagreement with the Catholic church (which is what you say) is a very extreme position.

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