Texas Schools: Guns OK, Rosaries Ain't

Just read an article about Texas teachers bringing guns to school for protection.

Then this: "Texas High School Student Told Rosary Is ‘Gang Symbol’"
(see foxnews.com/story/0,2933,423143,00.html).

Yes, I used to live in Texas.

:idea: Maybe it should be re-named “Catholic ju-ju”, or even “worry beads”; then it could be protected by whatever laws Texas has that protect religious & cultural diversity :slight_smile:

When silliness like this happens, some low cunning is called for - if Catholic things are banned (as here), they can be re-defined so as to be within the scope of PC legislation, rather than being excluded by it. :smiley: The Rosary is part of our culture - isn’t our culture entitled to some of that “PC respect” ? It just happens that we use the Rosary to pray…

“Guns and Rosaries”, anyone ?

Two different schools.

Also, the title is a lie. The truth is:

A Texas teen claims she is forbidden from wearing a rosary around her neck.

The rosary is not prohibited. You know, when one has to resort to half truths, how can a legitimate point possible exist?

It’s just bigotry working itself out. Not long ago, a school district in Alabama told Jewish kids they couldn’t have a Star of David. Gang symbol, you know.

You know those gibborim, always jacking cars and causing trouble. :rolleyes:

I’ve been to Texas a lot with half of my family there, and yes, wearing rosary beads around the neck is a gang symbol. They wear different colors to signify their gang affiliation, similar to having a bandana or hat with your gang color. Why do you think mexican teens also get giant tattoos of Jesus and Mary on their bodies along with unintelligible writing and symbols in and around those images? It’s not because they think Catholocism is “keen”, they’re showing gang affiliation. The hispanic gang culture has adapted these religious symbols to have completely different meanings.
Also, I was always taught that rosary beads were to be carried, not worn around the neck, but I realize that this varies across cultures. :shrug:

I think the school will have a hard time justifying this if it is taken to court. They’d have to ban ALL jewelry worn around the neck, not just rosaries.

While I think it is in poor taste to wear a rosary as jewelry, to ban it would be akin to the baggy/saggy pants case in Florida:

Baggy pants ban “unconstitutional,” rules US judge


But anything is possible in the most backward state in the nation.

But anything is possible in the most backward state in the nation.

What? Mississippi seceded again?

Houston schools have the same rule a couple of years ago two brothers were told not to wear their rosaries because it is used by Hispanic gangs. If fact the principle was Catholic and said he did not understand why the boys would wear it around their necks.

The image of Our Lady of Guadalupe is also use by Hispanic gangs.

You can call Texas backwards but at least we know the difference between apples and oranges, or it you did know the difference, between honesty and dishonesty.

The link you posted has nothing at all to do with the topic. That was a law that was deemed unconstitutional, not a school rule. You shouldn’t have to be a lawyer to know the difference, at least in Texas. Maybe the schools where you are do not give the quality education we do here.

I forgot, in Texas you don’t have to follow the constitution. Your president is a perfect example. :stuck_out_tongue:

So what country are you from anyway? It is not nice to slam another countries president when it was not even being discussed. Mind your manners.

I agree that rosaries should not be worn to school ever around the neck and gangs have adopted many things to signal membership. It is a sad place that has to make these rules, but I think they have a lot of problems with illegal immigration in Texas that many of us can’t imagine and they also have a lot of drug trafficing.

I have to readily agree with pnewton here - the school district of my early youth (in Deer Park, Texas, still a bit soggy from Ike I’d think) was the best I have seen. Later in Ft. Worth? Not so much.

But the point of the original post was to point out the absurd incongruity between allowing, in a school classroom no less, something I despise (handguns) while disallowing (at least if worn openly) something I adore (the Rosary), all in the same great state. The emotional hit, just for the instant, is what spurred the post.

Strikes me as being, as they seem to be learning to say in schools these days, pretty whack.

Peace all.

Well, is it not surprising to me, that the article the OP posted, is from Fox News, and the title of the thread is misleading. :smiley:



Pray tell, how is the title (created by the OP) and the news story being from Fox News connected? The Fox News title to the article is along the lines of “Student told not to wear Rosary because it’s a gang symbol” You’re blaming Fox News for the OP’s title?

It is whack, but we have to trace and see where the sickness comes from.

The hispanic community particulary those from Mexico, are culturally Catholics. Therefore, the evil and the criminal have grown up with Catholic symbology. There have been several street gangs and prison gangs that incorporate these symbols into their identification and language. The Virgin Mary is also used as base in gang tatoos.

In reference to the rosary, no one is forbidding rosaries. It is only the wearing of rosaries as a necklace at school that is being stopped.

Yes, it is a sad skewing of the godly, but it is the criminals that have done this, not the authorities.

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